Romney attacks Obama on God issue

Just a quick follow-up to my post last week on the delicate role religion is playing in the presidential race.

Politico reported over the weekend that Mitt Romney has revamped his stump speech to include attacks on President Barack Obama over religious issues. The speech is centered around the Pledge of Allegiance and slams Democrats for temporarily taking references to God out of their national party platform.

Morgan Freeman as God

The Republican challenger said he would never take God out of his heart, or off U.S. currency. The change gave White House Press Secretary Jay Carney the opportunity to get off a good line: “The president believes as much that god should be taken off a coin as he does that aliens will attack Florida,” Carney said.

In related news, Romney finally took a seat on the Sunday talk shows and opened up a little bit about his Mormon faith on NBC’s Meet the Press.

In response to a question from host David Gregory about whether Mormons have “gotten past a level of persecution” that previously existed, Romney responded, “I’m sure a number of members of my faith are proud of the fact that someone of my faith and our faith is able to run for president.”

Notably, Romney also placed Mormonism within the “Judeo-Christian ethic.”

Interesting stuff. Will God decide the presidential race? Stay tuned.

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  1. Angela says:

    I am spreading the news about Revelation that has been fulfilled today.

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