Catching up with Man Hee Lee

I wanted to catch up with the controversial Korean Christian leader, Man Hee Lee, now that his tour of America is over.

Lee spoke in late July in Los Angeles, the last stop in a tour of Europe and America, in response to invitations from other Christian leaders. He had visited Germany, Austria and New York City before his L.A. seminar.

In the speech at the Christ Cathedral in Los Angeles, Lee explained his understanding of the Book of Revelation. As reported by The Washington Times, the main thrust of his message seems to be that humanity is actually living in the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies found in Revelation, which for many Christians would indicate the imminent coming of God’s kingdom on earth.

Lee’s Tabernacle of the Testimony, headquartered in South Korea, has 140,000 members worldwide and established more than 300 seminary schools throughout the world, his website and press release state.

The appearance was controversial, with opponents claiming the church is a “cult.” Lee has said Jesus appeared before him as a “bright heavenly figure,” and claims that the Book of Revelation already has been fulfilled.

Lee supporters told the Orange County Register that the church is not a cult and Lee is not claiming to be the second coming of the Messiah.

I find the cult allegation interesting. Certainly, Lee supporters have been enthusiastic about contacting me and this blog after I wrote about him in July. But I am not sure it’s a bad thing to believe strongly in a faith message.

When does that crossover to becoming a “cult?” The answer is unclear.

To be sure, Lee advocates for some very positive things, such as the reunification of North and South Korea. This weekend, his church is hosting The World Peace Initiative in the Republic of Korea. The church claims over 100,000 volunteers from over 80 countries will participate.

I invite church members to send me updates and pictures from the event. For more information about the World Peace Initiative, visit the website:

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I grew up in Susquehanna County, Pa. and graduated Syracuse University with a dual degree in journalism/political science in 1998. After working for nearly three years for a weekly paper in upstate New York, I came to southcentral Pennsylvania. I spent 13 years as a reporter and editor for The Sentinel in Carlisle and joined the York Daily Record as religion reporter in September 2011.
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59 Responses to Catching up with Man Hee Lee

  1. Healing Lisa says:

    Thanks for the posts on Mr.Lee, John.
    I personally am a believer of Shinchonji where Mr.Lee leads.
    First of all, great posts! It’s great that you strive to stay away from assumption
    and prejudice. There are a lot of people claiming that Shinchonji is a ‘cult’ yet as someone who spent many years in few different christian churches from both Korea and America, I can’t see why Shinchonji church has to be labeled as a ‘cult’.
    I always was suspicious about how my money is spent when I was in other churches before I came to Shinchonji but Mr.Lee’s churches doesn’t spend even a penny on things not relevant with God’s work. Of course, the church I’m currently attending to does a monthly report on where my money is being used down to every pennies.
    Everything is conducted according to the Bible. I go to my church every day now not because it’s an obligation yet because I love to go there every day. Why not? It’s heaven where the truth dwells.

    Wow, that’s enough of my story!

    I’m leaving a comment here to let you know that Mr. Lee is planning another Open Bible Seminar outside Korea. I’m looking forward to new updates on his steps. I hope you can check it out!

  2. rosetwinkle says:

    It is the people who need all over the world.

  3. Daria Seo says:

    wow.. Have you ever listened Man Hee Lee’s testimony in person? You need to watch the Bible seminar or his paper in the web called Healing all nations. I also watched the his lecture online and realize that there were a lot of lumors. I hesitated… what if the lumors are real?? However what reminds me strongly is that it is same when our Lord Jesus came about 2000 years ago. So, I kept looking for his lecturs, sermons, etc. All christians need to focus on the Bible not people’s idea so that we would not get carried away.

  4. kajehaya showta says:

    Thank you for good sentence.

  5. samson says:

    I believe the people who need all over the world

  6. pretty says:

    Everyone in the world wants peace.

  7. Jiwon says:

    Hi, I’m Jiwon from South Korea. Thank you for good article.
    I’d like to introduce you this article. (
    In the near future, the teachings of Instructor Man Hee Lee will be made known through the use of TV and other media and will spread throughout the whole world.

  8. Real says:

    I think he is really peace leader in Korea.

  9. james says:

    Thank you for your post. He is an angel of Jesus

  10. Jina Kim says:

    Lee’s address was so impressive!!
    I’m sure his church would be ideal church of God

  11. happytreelim says:

    It is happy that God’s word lives in age that attain

  12. JAMIE says:

    shinchonji’s manhee lee is god has promised shepherd.

  13. sally_w says:

    Really … saying he was preaching true faith, I need to properly

  14. littlefoot says:

    I have gone to church for 20 years. I have read a whole bible two times, but couldn’t know what the scriptures means. Just history and lesson I could know.
    Before I am a member of ShinChonJi, it means before I learned
    ‘open Bible study’, I was just blind. Now I could see whole Bible!
    Now I see what God Father’s mind and will, what he wants to do at the time of end.
    We should learn Bible by the messenger of Jesus!
    Look at Rev 22:16! Jesus is sending only one man to testify!
    And Lee, Man Hee testifies physical fulfillment. That’s why we could believe.

  15. 4rangtree says:

    To transcend religion
    Minute run for peace…

  16. 4rang says:

    People are hungry for the Word to come
    Shepherd of God’s promise

  17. Is really good news.
    shinchonji stands for “New Heaven and New Earth,” with the meaning of the new tabernacle and new congrehational members.

  18. kimeunjang says:

    Really incredible.

  19. shinchonji stands for “New Heaven and New Earth,” with the meaning of the new tabernacle and new congrehational members.

  20. good says:

    Happen to know the meeting through shinchonji shinchonji so cool

  21. eunjangkim says:

    Thank you know the Bible as Scripture hapnit.

  22. Adam_S says:

    He’s great.
    I wonder if his story

  23. shin says:

    Amen, thank you

  24. joyfullight says:

    manhee lee lecturer is the leader of the world’s truly great peace!

  25. kwon says:

    shinchonji is Biblical

  26. littlefoot says:

    As new testaments has fulfilled by prophesy, we are able to believe in what he says. Truth itself!

  27. Angela says:

    Realize the Bible, you will meet him.

  28. Grace Linnet says:

    Orthodoxy(or authenticity) is where you can only hear the truth. God is only with the orthodox. So when someone says only the truth, it means God(who is the word and the truth) is in him(See John 3:34, 14:6, 17:17). However, a cult is the person who left from the truth(See Malachi 2:8, John 8:44, 2 Peter 2:1, 3:16, Galatians 1:6-8, Ezekiel 13:2-3).

    So, we have to know good from evil by recognizing their words. The important thing is that there were “fake cults(who were called cults but not actually cults)” in the first coming of Jesus. The fake cults were Jesus, 12 disciples of Jesus, and a few other true followers(See Acts 24:5, John 5:17-19). Israelites including Pharisees and the chief priests called them cults because they were ignorant. Pharisees and the chief priests were the children of Satan. They were the “real cults”.

    When they stood against Jesus and his word, it proved that they were born of Satan’s seed because what Jesus did was only God’s work and what Jesus preached was only God’s word(Jesus was born of God’s seed). Satan has always been against from God and his work since the very beginning. Let’s open our ears, listen to what we’re being told, confirm, and follow!

  29. love says:

    As reported by The Washington Times, the main thrust of his message seems to be that humanity is actually living in the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies found in Revelation, which for many Christians would indicate the imminent coming of God’s kingdom on earth.

  30. hee-min says:

    That do Saenggaktto to be a person that appeared to the Bible and achieve God’s the country differ.

  31. narin2 says:

    I want the peace of world. and i hope that many men know the love…. the love sttled down

  32. chansongpack says:

    Xintiandi, this only contains the word total SLR Hee Bonnie revelation Jesus promised for June and really necessary in this land know the identity.

  33. dlfld says:

    Peace in the world in order that he should be

  34. kim happy says:

    The City of Truth, the ball of the highway, the groups with the best that can be revealed by the word again, it’s me.

  35. es jong says:

    And listen to the words of the revelation of the Bible is
    Is the true shepherd of God

  36. love says:

    Lee Man-hee evidence that he is the biblical word

  37. thesther says:

    We must always rememher that that we must run the race according to the word of God SCJ~♥

  38. grace lim says:

    The leader of the peace in which Jesus that there is the evidence accomplishing Revelations sends for the churches.

  39. sandra says:

    Have a purpose today as the shepherd of the promise of the New Testament to Jesus, the Word of God as the ultimate purpose of God all people are saved by God’s Word and want to achieve the peace you wish to obtain a shepherd through the truth of God into all the worldbelieve in peace, liberation will be sure to send it to our line.World peace is possible only as a religious unification.

  40. littlefoot says:

    He works for the peace of the world. He is a messenger of God to make this world to heaven. Can you believe it? If we don’t know Bible, not able to believe. He testifies everything, has evidence (fulfillment), so we are able to recognize that new testament has fulfilled.


  41. grace lim says:

    Mastery of this era only shepherds of the Holy Spirit deep forever! Watery eyes to the truth of God and thank you woke happy.

  42. kim says:

    Is a beautiful place to proclaim the word of revelation.

  43. Serena Lee says:

    i watched the video of world peace event.
    it was enormous and i thought like no one can do that kinda thing..

  44. winnie says:

    If God sent the promised pastor this era, we should follow his testimony.
    And we can recognize him only by listening his words. We need the one who saw all fulfillment of the prophecy in the bible!

  45. ALICE says:

    although the ‘peace’, which has been emphasized every time, has not been achieved yet, Manhee Lee peace campaigner/maker declares the accomplishment of peace gallantly. I support you!

  46. Cloy says:

    Thanks for the nice writings!

  47. Smith Rick says:

    I heard about this conference and I know that many people proclaim peace but Mr. Lee is actually DOING something about it- I am so thankful that someone is working to make world peace a reality!

  48. cndaksdmltn says:

    Miss world peace was I also want peace. Until now, however, to achieve peace but one who did not cry. However, if you are Shinchonji by President General Lee Man-hee believes that world peace be achieved. President General Lee Man-hee’s because God is because with the timepiece.

  49. 주선 정 says:

    The world today, just new world of peace, the lion is Signior President General Lee Man-hee!

  50. kim youn young says:

    L finally found thw best truth here!

  51. kim youn young says:

    I am really touched and…speechless now.

  52. sunny z says:

    Thank you!

  53. danial kim says:

    Lee Man-hee’s President General of the indispensable man. A man who is striving for world peace.

  54. 장미연 says:

    Shinchonji of truth to say who’s President General Lee Man-hee mankind minutes required for the world’s pyeongrwa comes.

  55. 장미연 says:

    Shinchonji is started in South Korea. The body of the “North Korea, headquartered in Lee’s tent, saying” the wrong horse.
    President General Lee Man-hee’s Shinchonji built himself a shepherd, not a man. Was sent in the name of Jesus is the shepherd of promise. As you might love the God of peace by President General Lee Man-hee also cry for peace.

  56. 미소 박 says:

    I love Man hee lee!
    He is peace leader!

  57. 김동현 says:

    I love god.

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