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Let’s forget Hurricane Sandy and Obama/Romney for a moment…

I made an executive decision here at the YDR religion desk this morning. Since I am a staff of one, it wasn’t hard to reach a consensus. Today we’re going to have some fun on the blog. Sandy is fading … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy revives debate over God’s plan

It seems that with every natural disaster comes the pronouncements that God is punishing someone for something. And it’s not limited to the fringe preachers either. Who can forget televangelist Pat Robertson claiming that God was punishing America for allowing … Continue reading

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Billy Graham heads Election Day news from the pulpit

The religion beat is generating plenty of election news lately, both locally and elsewhere. Check out the York Daily Record religion page Thursday as my story this week touches on the many different ways local churches are responding to the … Continue reading

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Mormon mission applications skyrocket; Nothing to do with Romney

I am doing a story in tomorrow’s York Daily Record on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ famous mission. I will post a link here as soon as it’s up on our website. I chose this story … Continue reading

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Is the Catholic Church campaign pushing female voters to Obama/Biden?

Less than two weeks until election day! Aren’t you glad it’s almost over? That seems to be the sentiment at this point. Interesting news reported this morning by the Religion News Service. It seems that for the first time since … Continue reading

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Guinston votes to leave PCUSA

I followed up this morning on an issue from last week. Here is my story, which will run in the York Daily Record Thursday: Guinston Presbyterian Church voted 84-0 Sunday to leave the Presbyterian Church USA and join the more … Continue reading

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Churches seek to reclaim the religiously unaffiliated

Busy day writing four stories today, but I saw this story about churches going the extra mile to reclaim the religiously unaffiliated. It covers a lot of the same ground I have in recent stories, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Guinston Presbyterian Church voting Sunday on whether to leave PCUSA

I recently got a call from Ed Yates, a member of Guinston Presbyterian Church in Chanceford Township. I have never been to Guinston, but the little church is not without news. Mr. Yates called me in response to the ongoing … Continue reading

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Heidelberg UCC votes to accept gays

It was not my intent to make this a single-issue blog, but right now the dominant faith issue is the homosexual question. The more people I talk to and questions I ask, the more I find churches across York County … Continue reading

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ELCA losing Lutheran members after gay vote, but…

I have received plenty of feedback from area clergy since my post (and followup email) last week on the gay issue. One thing to clarify: as was noted to me several times, not all Presbyterian or Lutheran churches have voted … Continue reading

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