Looking to make a world map of York County missionaries

Update: I received several responses and I know some churches are working on compiling the information. The map may be a few weeks away yet. Here’s the first two entries I have received:

Shawn Rineholt, Airville,PA
Wife, Jennifer Hawkes-Rineholt, Wrightsville,PA
Our five children:

Jen and I both Graduated from Red Lion High School. We are
non-Denominational Missionaries serving with Ears To Hear Radio and we have
been on the field full time since 2010. We are living in Barahona, Dominican
Republic and serve here and in Saint Marc, Haiti as well.

Our primary calling is setting up and maintaining Christian Radio. We also
work with Stateless children in the start-up of a Christian School that is
the vision and dream of a local native and is being groomed in the “helping
without hurting” model where the focus is a Biblical based local New
Testament Church Basis that is the center for which the
School/Medical/Evangelical work is directed through to ensure we as those
coming along side the local Natives do not get in the way of what God is
doing in and through the local people here already. We have a Youth
Discipleship program and also do an outreach Bible Study to the surfers that
call the Barahona Bahouroco surf break their home.

Our website: www.missionsDR.com

Name: Andrew C. Stump (Andy)
Age: 45
Address: Dallastown
Home church: Christ Lutheran Church
Country: Haiti
Goals: Presenting Christ in a Rural Haitian Community…One Lesson at a Time. I teach English, music, Bible and pedagogy in area churches and area Christian schools as well as in my own newly constructed ASAPH Teaching Center.
Length of mission: I served with Water For Life 1992-2012; I established ASAPH Teaching Ministry in 2012.

Please visit www.asaphteachingministry.com for more information and photographs.

We are having a fundraising concert at Trinity Life Center on Charles Street in Dallastown on Sunday, Jan. 27th at 3 p.m.

Our managing editor, Randy Parker, passed along an idea the other day that I hope to turn into a reality.

He suggested plotting York County missions on a world map. We already do a Google map plotting of crime news that is quite unique.

My map project, as Randy called it, would be “a map for good news.”

Sarah Kovacs of Red Lion poses with some of the children she teaches in Ghana in this submitted photo.

I know from my 16 months covering York County churches, that many of you are sending folks all over the world to do great things. Most recently, I profiled Sarah Kovacs, a member of the First Church of the Brethren who is teaching in Ghana for a second year.

To do a world map of missions, I need your help. Just send me a name, home church, country, mission dates and a couple sentences summarizing what they are doing. Also, a picture would be nice. Either from the field, or a headshot of the person.

I hope to begin plotting the map in the next couple weeks and put in online. I am not sure where the map will live yet, but I will provide updates here on how this develops.

Thanks for your help!

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