All the Pope news you will need in one place

These are historic times to be a religion reporter. After all, the printing press hadn’t even been invented the last time a pope resigned.

(for the record, the Gutenberg Press cranked up in 1436; Pope Gregory XII resigned in 1415.)

Pope Benedict XVI waves to crowds in Mexico during a 2011 trip. (The Associated Press)

So as I await new pope news, my editors are just as anxious for me to do something. I decided to check around York County yesterday to see what our local Catholic Churches have planned.

In York, St. Mary’s Church, 309 S. George St. will peal the church bells as soon as the announcement is made. They will also drape gold and white bunting over the main doors of the church.

In addition, a bilingual Mass at 7 p.m. is planned the day of the announcement “in thanksgiving for and in prayer with our new pope,” said Father Jon Sawicki in an email.

Looking for more pope news and background information? I recommend these links:

For strong coverage and analysis of the new pope from a Catholic point of view, try the Catholic News Service blog.

For updated pictures from the Vatican, see Discovery news.

The Dallas Morning News is hosting this interactive graphic recounting the life and times of Pope Benedict XVI.

My editor, Buffy Andrews, compiled a list of social media feeds from the Vatican and a few live video feeds.

MSN has a cool graphic explainer on how a Pope is selected if you’re into the nuts and bolts of this process.

Looking for a history of the papacy? Wikipedia provides a nice scorecard of all 255 popes.

Maybe you’re all about the twitters? Sources tell me Cale Clarke, Danielle Bean and Father James Martin are the best follows.

Let me know in the comments if I am missing anything here!

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  1. Patrick Schiding says:

    There is also a blog called “Whispers in the Loggia” all about the Catholic Hierarchy run by a guy in Philadelphia. The website is

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