Tracking God through social media

God is one busy dude.

If you consider life in 2013, God is helping us out a lot. He’s helping us recover from illness, get that better job, and he had a big hand in baking that scrumptious apple pie grandma whipped up over Easter.

We thank God for everything — as we probably should. Not sure he cared who balled their way into tonight’s NCAA Championship Game, but some of the Louisville and Michigan players were thanking Him anyway.

So it’s no surprise that in this social media universe someone would develop a algorithm to track where God is providing the most assistance. Chicago-based copywriter Kevin Lynch is that guy.

On Good Friday, Lynch and a group of colleagues launched, a satirical website that pulls data from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every time the word “God” is used.

“The inspiration for the site came from the proliferation of ‘thank yous’ to God that have invaded all sports postgame interviews, music award shows, and other events where you would assume God didn’t have a rooting interest,” Lynch told Mashable.

I checked out the site this morning. It’s funny in an irreverent kind of way. Hopefully, it’s not offensive to anyone.

The site includes a map of every state tracking God mentions in real time. And it also breaks down God’s help into various categories such as relationships and even coffee.

As with most of these types of site, the tracking method isn’t perfect. For example, in the “God is angry” section, the algorithm collects tweets and Facebook mentions with the words “God” and “damn” in them. However, some mentions are not relevant, but just happen to contain those words in unrelated fashion.

Check it out. Let me know if you think this website is offensive to you in any way.

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