‘Tips for Jesus’ hits South Bend pub after a recent Notre Dame game

A modern-day Robin Hood of sorts (minus the stealing part) has emerged at pubs and restaurants in several states, leaving monster tips under the name, “Tips for Jesus.”

The Instagram account shows pictures of several surprised servers who received $500 to $5,000 tips on small dining checks. Whoever is behind the account says he or she is “Doing the Lords work, one tip at a time.”

godThe massive tips have been left in California, Chicago and Utah. Last month, Tips for Jesus left a big tip at a South Bend, Ind. tavern. That one garnered some notice after American Express refused to process the check.

The company apparently considered the check a mistake since the $5,000 tip was so large. The South Bend Tribune has the story:

“We were all looking at this like, is this a joke?” said Ashley Rust, of Fort Wayne, a former bartender at Legends.

Rust said she was at work Oct. 19, the day of the Irish home football game against the University of Southern California, when three men came in. One was dressed in a USC jersey, though all three said they were from California. After spending a couple of hours at the bar, the men paid for their drinks and left for the game — but not before adding the whopping $5,000 tip to the $84.05 bill.

But the night got even more surreal for Rust and her fellow employees. After the game, the men returned to Legends, rang up a $164.50 bill and added another $5,000 tip.

As of last report, Notre Dame was involved and Rust was still waiting for the tip to be cleared.

Meanwhile, speculation has grown over whether Tips for Jesus is one person, or several people who have adopted a similar brand of altruism.

According to various reports, someone using the “Tips for Jesus” Instagram account has left a trail of big tips for employees of at least 15 different bars and restaurants since August.

What do you think — a publicity stunt in the works, or a genuine good deed?

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One Response to ‘Tips for Jesus’ hits South Bend pub after a recent Notre Dame game

  1. tipsforjesus says:

    Not sure what’s going on at Notre Dame, or specifically, Legends bar.

    AMEX has been processing our tips for a lot longer than the Instagram account shows, they’ve never rejected one before, so it makes no sense they would now.

    That said, this tip got a lot of attention, we’re hopeful Notre Dame does the right thing and runs the tab like everyone else does.

    It’s a much better story than people screwing each other over.

    God bless!

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