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PA Pastor’s Network: time has come to stand for morality and religious freedom

I often get news releases put out by the PA Pastor’s Network, usually on the various cultural fights of the day. This morning, I received one from Sam Rohrer, president of PPN, that sounded quite a bit like a call … Continue reading

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Roe v. Wade at 40: America remains divided

Very nice story today from The Associated Press on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The point that stood out to me is how different this issue is from same-sex marriage, which has seen fairly substantial movement in favor … Continue reading

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Rev. Jim Grove stirred pot to make anti-abortion point

I never got a chance to interview the Rev. Jim Grove, but I am sure it would have been an interesting experience. I have encountered similar figures in the past. I grew up near Binghamton, N.Y., where Randall Terry made … Continue reading

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Guest column: Obama re-election isn’t worst news for America

I have always hoped to use this space as a community exchange of ideas, rather than just my voice day after day. To that end, my goal is to share this space with community bloggers on a host of faith … Continue reading

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Akin is not alone in crazy rape beliefs

The controversy over Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks on rape and abortion, and subsequent media spotlight, have again pushed abortion back into the spotlight just two months and change before the presidential election. And where you have abortion, you have religion. … Continue reading

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‘Personhood’ not the way to go

Just a quick note today to follow-up on a blog post from last week. Mississippi voters rejected an amendment to the state constitution Tuesday that would have defined life as starting at conception, and outlawed abortion and many forms of … Continue reading

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