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Kenyan lawyer petitions Hague to overturn Jesus’ conviction

As a child, your parents probably said at one time or another that “it’s never too late to right a wrong.” Well, Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis heard that message loud and clear. And he is on a campaign to right … Continue reading

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Should employers be require to cover contraception? Obama says yes

A couple of interesting developments on the contraception front over the past week, representing opposing views on the issue. The basic question is an interesting one and I’m not sure I have reached a definitive opinion on it: should the … Continue reading

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Prominent faith leaders condemn Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan was back at it yesterday, releasing a fresh budget that calls for lower tax rates on the wealthy and deep cuts in the social safety net. The Ryan budget, which has no chance of being passed, … Continue reading

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York’s Catholic schools: soldiering on amid changes in education

I spent part of yesterday afternoon in Principal Peggy Snyder’s office at St. Joseph School in Dallastown. A delightful woman, Snyder, 55, is in her 32nd year at St. Joseph, the first 25 as a teacher. I am doing a … Continue reading

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So a Mormon and a Catholic walk into a debate…

The announcement broke late Friday night that presumptive Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney had tabbed Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., to be his sidekick. The talking heads spent the rest of the weekend discussing the possible ramifications, the negative and … Continue reading

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Philly churches sue over homeless ban

Philadelphia has always been home to some rather colorful government-citizen interaction. Still, this veteran religion reporter was a little perplexed by the squabble currently being aired before U.S. District Judge William H. Yohn Jr. It seems some church folk want … Continue reading

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Cool religion map

Check out this Pew Forum topographical map of faith for all 50 states. Courtesy of the USA Today. Click here. It’s kinda neat. Just move your cursor over a state to get the religious makeup of its residents. Pennsylvania breaks … Continue reading

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