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World Catholic report: is the culture war winding down? Heck no

I recently sat down with Father Robert Nugent, pastor-in-residence at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Freedom. Well, former pastor-on-residence. As of last week, Father Bob is off to Florida and retirement. At this writing, he is probably … Continue reading

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Vermont fourth state to pass assisted suicide; Cardinal Sean O’Malley calls it ‘a tragic moment.’

From footballers to frenchmen, everybody is talking about gay marriage. It seems to be the seminal issue of our time, one that crosses heavily into faith beliefs. So does assisted suicide. Last week, Vermont became the fourth U.S. state to … Continue reading

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Pew Research Center poll: U.S. Catholics divided on future of church

Black smoke means no pope. While the cardinals continue to huddle in an attempt to produce the next pope (wouldn’t you love to hear those conversations??), it seems like the perfect time to consider what U.S. Catholics want to see … Continue reading

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Love in the pews: would you convert for your soul mate?

Everyone hopes to meet their soul mate, assuming you believe in soul mates. That one person with whom every day will be a new adventure of self-discovery and joyous awakening. Sometimes just meeting that person isn’t enough. Then come the … Continue reading

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Pew: how religion helped decide the Barack Obama/Mitt Romney election

The election analysis continues today and my inbox is flooded with various studies of the role religion played in Tuesday’s results. Let’s get right to it. * The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life analyzed results from … Continue reading

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Mormonism gaining; Catholics, Protestants losing in new survey

Interesting bit of news in my inbox this morning: Mormonism is the fastest-growing religion in more than half of the states and moving into many parts of the country where it had no presence previously. Check out the stats here. … Continue reading

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