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Republicans double down on evangelicals while Catholics stress everyday faith

A couple of interesting stories caught my eye over the weekend — both of which I viewed in the context of declining faith adherence. First off, I read a Washington Post blog piece on comedian Jim Gaffigan and his pro-Catholic … Continue reading

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Transplanted North Carolina pastor making inroads with New England Christians

I’ve done many stories over the past year about declining church attendance. Last month, I did a story on the youth adherence to faith. According to a study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, one-third … Continue reading

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Guest column: Obama re-election isn’t worst news for America

I have always hoped to use this space as a community exchange of ideas, rather than just my voice day after day. To that end, my goal is to share this space with community bloggers on a host of faith … Continue reading

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Will ‘Teavangelicals’ turn the Obama/Romney tide?

Vacation over so let’s get right into it. Heard an interesting discussion on the way to work this morning on MSNBC (the show is simulcast over Sirius radio) on the supposed “Teavangelical” movement. The word was coined by Christian Broadcasting … Continue reading

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Gingrich’s colorful church past

Just a short update today as work is piling up. But I did want to give Newt Gingrich a turn in the spotlight after his dominating win in the South Carolina GOP primary Saturday. Polls show that Newt’s victory was … Continue reading

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Roe v Wade turns 39

Some Roe v Wade news came across my desk this week as Sunday marks the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. First, in local news, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg is sending several busloads of parishioners to join … Continue reading

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