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Atlas of Giving report: church donations way down in 2012

I remain convinced that the future is going to bring plenty of change to the Catholic Church and mainline Protestant denominations. We know that church attendance is down pretty much across the board. We know that many church structures are … Continue reading

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Heidelberg UCC votes to accept gays

It was not my intent to make this a single-issue blog, but right now the dominant faith issue is the homosexual question. The more people I talk to and questions I ask, the more I find churches across York County … Continue reading

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Interfaith cooperation thriving in York

The Emperor Akbar the Great was 13 years old when he ascended the Mughal throne in Delhi in 1556. At the end of his reign nearly 50 years later, the Mughal empire covered most of northern and central India. You … Continue reading

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Survey: church attendance down in York County

I’m embarking on an interesting story this week about the steep drop in people who belong to organized religion in York County. The statistics come via a national survey comparing religious affiliations in 2010 with those in 2000. The Catholic … Continue reading

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