Field of plastic bags

This field is growing trash, not crops.

Ever notice the plastic bags dotting the properties that border Route 30 and Roosevelt Avenue on the side where there is a grocery store, banks and a strip of land that serves as a buffer from the roads? The other day it looked like the bags were growing there, like some crop in an open field, except these are made of white plastic, of course, trapped around trees and bushes. My guess is that the bags and trash are in a no-mans land, with no one business officially responsible for picking them up. What a shame it has to look so awful for everyone who passes by.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Yes I agree, It is all over the place in York County. This County and its people have No Class.. It must be in the water. I dont understand the lack of respect people have letting the trash bags blow all over the place.
    York County is a dump anyway..

  2. Guy Montag says:

    It’s true the litter in York is bar none, the worst I’ve seen in Pennsylvania. It’s sad to see just what collective laziness can do. Allow me to diagnose the problem.
    One the trash service is absolutely dreadful. To think of how much money my wife and I pay the trashman to remove 90% of our trash, while leaving the remaining 10% to either be picked up but us, or blow away in the wind, likely winding up in area’s like pictured above. Also, the trashman have broken 3 of my trashcans. I can’t afford to continue buying trash cans, and therefore the “containment”feature we all take for granted with the trashcans, no longer applies. But Trashman, let think logically for a second, when you dump a trashcan, you know, you haven’t emptied every little bit out of it. Then you flip it upside and slam it back on to the owner’s property. Is that smart?
    The City folk. It’s funny to think of how Environmental regulations are a Democrat stand-by, when so many who live in the city vote democrat, yet allow their properties to become wastelands. Discarded McDonald’s wrappers, paper cups, newspapers, all more prevalent than Trees, Flowers, wildlife. Even for a city, it’s despicable.
    And Finally, as I alluded to earlier, and this sort of plays off of reasons 1. and 2.; Laziness. It’s not hare to hold on to your trash until you find a trashcan, or pick up a gum wrapper or bag that you hand dropped. It gets more complicated when it doesn’t belong to you and it either smells, is filthy, or is moist with a mystery substance.
    The only solution. Pick up your own trash. If your a trashman, do the job your paid to do. Sure, I know, your job sucks, but if you can’t cut it, quit, there are plenty of people in need of work who can.

  3. tom barstow says:

    Thanks for the comments. Interesting points all around. People often complain about not having money to do this or that but being considerate costs nothing. It only requires expending a little extra effort.

  4. I’ve recently started forgoing plastic bags as much as possible, opting for reusable bags instead. Sometimes I will simply carry my items out of the store without a bag (particularly if I forgot my reusable ones). It might seem a little odd trying to carry in my arms instead of a bag, but the oddness lasts only a few minutes, whereas that plastic bag will be sitting in a landfill for who knows how long. I honestly think in time we will look back with disbelief and perhaps disgust at how we carelessly used these disposable plastic bags so much.

    On a related note, there is another (albeit small) benefit to the reusable bags besides being more environmentally friendly. Consider that you can fit more items in one, so that means less bags to carry in from the car after a grocery run.

  5. tom barstow says:

    My wife and use the cloth bags, as well. And you are right about being able to fit more in. What is interesting about that field is that people would put the bags in their cars and take them home. So why so many in the bushes? It’s also a sign that litter encourages more litter, perhaps.

  6. Steven says:

    I have to agree about York being a dumping ground for anyones trash. I walk over at Memorial/Hoffman Stadium park each night and on each night I pickup at least 2 bags worth of trash. One of the biggest offenders of littering was the Weis on Edgar St, not that they closed it there is still as much trash there but now it is from the Family Dollar store, their bags are all over the place. Then walk over to the skateboard park and you will be appauled, the laziness of the kids who use that park is unbelievable, even though there are 2 trash cans right there they can’t seem to walk 10ft over to them and put their trash in them, no they just drop it on the ground. I even found a diaper in the field behind there the other day. The city and the county spend all this money on making improvements to the park system and the people trash it because they don’t care. Maybe all York citizens are not slobs but there are a good majority of them who are.

  7. Johnny the bag man says:

    A large part of the problem is the Recycling program!!!
    THe recycling bins tip/blow over and then the material is getting blown down the road, stream, field. Some people put plastic bags in the recycling bins and they blow away.. But the ironic thing is recycling is supposed to be good for the environment, but I have seen more trash from the recycling effort than before.. We need to address this issue and so does PENNWASTE.

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