Crews attempt to remove graffiti; it doesn’t work

Earlier this month I wrote about the graffiti on the Hain Road bridge over Interstate 83 in southern York County.

It turns out this fix will be anything but easy.

Crews tried power washing the bridge last week to remove the graffiti. But it didn’t come off.

It appears the bridge will have to be repainted, said Mike Crochunis, a spokesman with the state Department of Transportation.

“They did give it a shot,” he said.

Some bridges are painted with anti-graffiti paint, but this one apparently was not, Crochunis said.

This is the second time the span has been tagged. It also was marked during construction.

What are your thoughts on this? Should PennDOT leave it the way it is, or spend more money to repaint it?

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6 Responses to Crews attempt to remove graffiti; it doesn’t work

  1. Ronnie says:

    Perhaps it should be voted on by the community. If the graffiti is not offensive then why spend the money to paint it, when the perpetrators are just going to re-tag it? In conclusion, if the community agrees and if they are going to spend the money to repaint it they should do it right and paint it with the anti-graffiti paint.

  2. bubba painter says:

    Proven fact faster you cover graffitti less likeily it will return . As for anti- graffitti paint never seen it. Sherwin williams makes clear coating you paint over the area causing graffitti not to stick I recommend just re-painting it. simple cheap solution.

  3. vasya says:

    Repaint the bridge with the non-stick paint…never let graffiti sit unanswered

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