Graffiti gone on Hain Road bridge

The graffiti on the Hain Road bridge over Interstate 83 is gone!

I drove past the span today, and it appears that crews have painted over it.

Last week, crews tried to power wash the graffiti off the bridge, but it didn’t work.  It appeared that crews would have to repaint the bridge, a PennDOT spokesman this week.

My last post generated a lot of comments about whether PennDOT should spend the money to cover it up or just let it go. What are your thoughts?

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2 Responses to Graffiti gone on Hain Road bridge

  1. vasya says:

    Power wash it, paint over it…otherwise everywhere we go it will look like a ghetto…I’d personally like to see whoever tagged the bridge get their hands smashed with a hammer…

  2. Thomas H Rohrbaugh says:

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