Traffic light might not be the solution for this intersection

One reader on SeeClickFix says a traffic light instead of a four-way stop is needed at the intersection of Bull and Canal roads because of too many crashes.

Some drivers are running the stop signs when it’s not their turn to go, the reader says.  A car has even crashed into Hake’s Grocery on the corner. The intersection is on the border of Dover and Conewago townships.

Will Clark, chief of transportation planning with the York County Planning Commission, said in an email that crashes are a problem that officials try to address.  However, this intersection does not rank within the top 25 crash locations in the county.

And a traffic signal might not be the solution in this case, Clark said. If the problem is identified as drivers running a stop sign, a signal light will be run just as much and with higher speeds.

“The solution to those problems is usually enforcement — not engineering,” he said in an email.

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7 Responses to Traffic light might not be the solution for this intersection

  1. Amazed says:

    Another such intersection is Canal and Susquehanna Trail. I have watched SO many people never even think about stopping as they fly down the trail. I cross there every day with my preschool granddaughter and I always look three and four times. I have almost been hit MANY times by drivers who appear to not even know there is a four way stop there.

    • Teresa Boeckel says:

      Yes, that intersection has always been a problem. It was worse when it was only a two-way stop in the past.

  2. Casey says:

    the answer is to put in a round about… it’s cheap and little to no maintenance.
    all of the 4 way intersections that I have seen turned into
    round abouts have not only reduced speed, but accidents as well. it also
    allows a better flow of traffic…no more long lines of cars forming at the
    4 way stop.

    • Teresa Boeckel says:

      I’m not sure a roundabout would work at this intersection in particular, either. The grocery store sits right next to the road, and I don’t think there would be enough room to install a roundabout.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. Tim Freeman says:

    THE most annoying intersection is Greenbriar & Church Rd. Why the intersection isn’t redone so the roads meet where they’re supposed to meet is beyond me! Cousler Park is right there, so the land is available to fix this traffic flow nightmare. Accidents are a regularity here as well. I sit there for 2 minutes at peak times staring at the solution! Has this ever been considered?

  4. red rocket says:

    Its bad enough with the accidents. But it needs a light with an extended green for rush hour. You can wait ten minutes or more just to get to the freaking stop going towards dover.

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