Route 216, Susquehanna Trail and Church Street to be identified as a problem

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Transportation officials are expected to identify the intersection of Seaks Run Road, the Susquehanna Trail and Church Street in Springfield Township as a problem area.

It’s an issue that’s going to be discussed at the upcoming York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting on June 28.

What are the problems you see at this intersection (besides congestion)? What fix do you think might work here?


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One Response to Route 216, Susquehanna Trail and Church Street to be identified as a problem

  1. JT says:

    A decades-old comprehensive plan for Springfield Township envisioned realigning both intersecting roads into a four way ( + ) intersection. Similar treatment was proposed for the west PA 216 intersection and Ridgeview Rd.

    There were great hopes about a decade ago that the Glen Rock State Bank would move its corporate headquarters to the Seaks Run intersection and would pay for installing a signal as a condition of approval. But they were bought out by Susquehanna and that came to nought.

    Now there is talk of a major convenience store locating there–once again, a possible funding source. Now, will they ante up for a roundabout as some Springfield officials are hoping?

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