Missing road signs can leave drivers confused: Am I turning on the right road?

The name of the cross street is missing at this intersection in southern York County.

On my way to an assignment Tuesday afternoon in North Hopewell Township — to see black widow spiders — I noticed that some of the road sign names were missing.

For example, one road sign said “Ebaugh Road” but the name of the cross street was missing. I wasn’t sure if I was turning onto the road I needed or not. This wasn’t the only intersection with the cross street missing, either. I did make it to my assignment after turning around a couple of times.

Do you run into this kind of problem, too? Or do rely on your GPS to get there?

(As a side note, our photographer, Kate Penn, was using her GPS, and she told me the directions it was giving her.  Fortunately, I remembered that the Plank Road bridge is out — something the GPS unit doesn’t know — and I told her a short cut to bypass the bridge closure.)


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2 Responses to Missing road signs can leave drivers confused: Am I turning on the right road?

  1. Jo Ott says:

    I run into missing street signs or a sign back off the street that can be seen only as you drive by it and there are signs hidden by tree branches. Just as frustrating are missing house numbers or numbers too small to be seen from the street. Working on the Census for two years these problems were particularly frustrating and caused a lot of doubling back, going around the block and even getting out of the car and walking to find a street sign or read a house number. I believe most jurisdictions require house numbers but there should also be a requirement that numbers are large enough and placed to be clearly visible from the street. I love (and own one) the metal numbers placques sold by local fire departments that are usually placed on or around curbside mailboxes. Relying on a GPS isn’t foolproof if route numbers and street signs are missing, particularly when the GPS is as finicky as mine is. Never leave home without a good atlas up front.

    • Teresa Boeckel says:

      Thanks Jo. That must have been a hard job. And you’re right, it’s always good to have a map with you.

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