Oil and chipping: Are you a fan of it?

Crews will be out oil and chipping roads in York County this week, including along Codorus Furnace Road between Accomac Road and Route 24 in Hellam and East Manchester townships.

It is considered to be an effective tool for sealing the road and extending its life, according to Mike Crochunis, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation. And it’s used on about 40 miles of roadway in York County each year.

What do you think of this method? Do you like it or not?



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4 Responses to Oil and chipping: Are you a fan of it?

  1. Johnny man says:

    I think its a cheap, bandaid fix. It ruins your car, wheels, all the oil and tar and rock chips hit your cars paint. It looks and feels bad when riding on it and no telling what the runoff on the local water is doing to our health..
    They just did Noss Rd and it looks worst than before, plus it covered up the middle stripe line. Stupid is whatr Stupid Does… But hey. were saving money right?

  2. Mark Foreman says:

    If its done correctly it is a good, cheap way of maintaining low-density roads.

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