Have you had problems with your GPS unit taking you to your destination?

Have you ever run into a problem with directions given by your GPS unit?

Recently, a 22-year-old man was burned at a party in Maryland, and another person tried to take him to the nearest medical facility. The GPS unit, however, directed them to Apple Hill Medical Center instead of a hospital. They had to call 911 for help. You can read more about what happened here.

In this day and age, many people rely on GPS units to get them places. But it doesn’t always work. A business that I went to recently in Chadds Ford, Pa. told clients not to use a GPS because it would take them to a different location. Instead, the business gave detailed directions on its web site.

And sometimes you can be going the correct way only to run into a construction project. Then you have to detour anyway.

Do you have similar stories? Are there any locations in York County where the GPS doesn’t really get you there? Has anyone stopped and asked you for directions because the GPS took the person way out of the way?



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2 Responses to Have you had problems with your GPS unit taking you to your destination?

  1. JT says:

    I see motorists every day who are glued to their GPS drive right past the pair of “No outlet” signs topped with flourescent orange diamonds which indicate that the old alignment of PA 214 (on West Ore Street) in Loganville now ends in a cul de sac.

    They turn around and then pay attention to the actual road in front of them.

  2. Jo Ott says:

    I was going to visit a friend in North Wales and as her husband was taking us to lunch I would have been expected at a reasonable time–say around 11 or so. Even though I’ve driven from Lewisberry to their home a few times already I usually got lost so this trip I set the GPS to their address and took off. Via the turnpike, I knew that part of the trip by heart, but it was the next leg that I usually got turned around and now was totally dependent on the techno device to get me to my destination. Some of the route numbers were familiar and I just followed the “lady’s” directions but soon I realized all was not kosher. The short version–I found myself in Allentown, a place totally unfamiliar to me and had no clue how to get to North Wales. I reset the GPS to their address again and moved on. Soon, though, I realized I was heading back from where I just came. Glancing down at the GPS I see my home address in Lewisberry! It was taking me back home, not to North Wales. I tried once more to reset it and again it insisted I take the route towards Lewisberry via Harrisburg.

    For whatever reason I carry in my trunk maps so old most of the interstate highway system does show, the Washington Beltway has yet to be born and Dulles airport–he was still Secretary of State. I mention this only because I was not wanting for a road map and do carry current ones in the car. Relying on one of them I finally reached my destination–two hours late and just in time to make the lunch before the restaurant closed for the afternoon.

    I’ve had other problems with this TomTom GPS and do plan to purchase a new one soon.

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