Commuter Services of Pennsylvania: Try transit in September and you could win a prize

September is a good month for people to try transit, said Brandy Heilman, executive director of Commuter Services of Pennsylvania.

Vacations are over. Kids are back in school. It’s not too hot or too cold to wait at a bus stop.  And gas prices are high again. (It is $3.77 in York today, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge report.)

Commuter Services is inviting people to try taking the bus, and if they do so, they will be entered into a drawing for prizes,  such as a monthly transit pass, an Amazon Kindle, or two round-trip Amtrak tickets to New York City, according to the program’s Web site.

All commuters have to do is log their transit trips to work. Click here to log those trips online or download a printable PDF of the form. Or call 1-866-579-7433 to get a paper copy.

Refer friends and co-workers and get additional chances to win, the Web site states.

Many people around here ride Rabbittransit or Rabbitexpress. Are you going to enter the contest?

For more about the contest, go here.

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One Response to Commuter Services of Pennsylvania: Try transit in September and you could win a prize

  1. Ken says:

    I applaud the effort to encourage people to use public transportation. For most of us it would be a welcome option if it was available. I ride Amtrak every day, but have to drive 15 miles because the train does not stop at stations near me. It is worth the drive. My question to the transit agencies would be this: If many people should decide to take public transportation, do you have plans to accommodate them or will the potential new daily riders be discouraged by overcrowding? Keystone service on Amtrak, for example, certainly has little capacity to accommodate more riders during peak commuting hours. Standees, which Amtrak coaches were not designed to accommodate, tend to feel less than welcome.

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