Route 30 at Toronita Street: Bottleneck

Ever since Sheetz opened at the intersection of Toronita Street and Route 30, it’s been a nightmare. And now that Cheddars has been added to the mix, it’s become worse.

During peak hours, especially, traffic comes to a standstill at the intersection. Heading east, traffic easily backs up to the George Street intersection.

A lot of things are happening here. You have traffic to the convenience store and restaurant. And you have traffic merging onto Route 30 from Interstate 83. And it seems that just about every other tractor trailer that merges onto Route 30 from 83, heading east, immediately needs to cross both lanes of traffic to make a left onto Toronita.

It’s a mess.

And there doesn’t appear to be any easy solution. Adding a lane to Route 30, in addition to being expensive, would be difficult because of the 83 bridge.

But that seems to be the only solution, other than revamping the Route 30-I-83 interchange.

Looks like we may just have to live with it.

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3 Responses to Route 30 at Toronita Street: Bottleneck

  1. JM says:

    Change the whole interchange as we are doing to exit 18 in the next few years. Eventually it just needs to be done. What are our taxes going for if not for infrastructure? Stopping wasting tax revenue on needless waste and there will be plenty for the things that are needed.

  2. Jeff O says:

    How about building up? A few ‘thru lanes’ raised above 30 from the other side of the old trail, over George, over 83, and over toronita, ending at Harley, would carry at least 1/2 the traffic in half the time….

  3. Ima says:

    Thank your zoning board for this.

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