Routes 214, 116 bridges remain on a “tight schedule” to meet deadlines

This photo shows the old Route 116 bridge, which is currently being replaced. Photo by Marc Charisse of the Evening Sun

A reader asked recently if several area bridge projects are still on schedule, given the 3.61 inches of rain that fell Sept. 18, swelling a number of streams.

Both the Route 214 bridge in Seven Valleys and Route 116 span in Spring Grove remain on “a tight schedule” to meet deadlines, said Mike Crochunis, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

“Each project has experienced delays caused by the weather and the subsequent flooding” of excavation work, Crochunis said in an email, but added that if crews do not face more significant issues, the bridges should be done on time.

The Route 214 bridge should reopen by late November, but crews will need to return in the spring to pave the approaches to the bridge.

The Route 116 bridge should be finished by mid-February.

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One Response to Routes 214, 116 bridges remain on a “tight schedule” to meet deadlines

  1. JT says:

    Great news…especially for the Seven Valleys Borough schoolchildren who attend any of the Spring Grove schools on the Roth’s Church Road campus who are enduring both closures every day.

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