York bars post “no colors” signs for annual Bike Night

Motorcyclists enjoy the yearly event in York, but some bar owners worry about things getting rowdy. YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS — KATE PENN

At least two bars posted “no colors” signs on their doors for the annual Bike Night in York last week.

Scott Eden, owner of Holy Hound Taproom, said that a couple weeks before the yearly event was to kick off that a York City Police officer had come to the bar and told Eden about some men associated with a biker gang that had been in the business.

Eden, who didn’t know about the visitors, said the officer advised him to put “no colors” signs up to keep gang members from claiming the bar.

Holy Hound Taproom had these signs posted during the event.

Eden was told after a group takes over the bar, they keep other people out and eventually overrun the place.

So on Saturday night, several signs posted on the doors read “no colors.”

Anyone associating themselves with a particular biker group was asked to leave.

Jeff Lau, co-owner of Mudhook Brewing Co., said it was the second year the bar participated in Bike Night and while they had no issues either year, they decided to put up the signs, too, after being approached by York City Police.

Lau said he knew group members were “making their rounds,” but that they had no problems, even with 50 percent of their crowd hanging outside for the live music.

Read the fine print. Mudhook Brewing Co. banned colors, too.

“Bike night isn’t a time to represent a group,” Lau said. “We just want everyone to have a good time together.”

York City Police Chief Wes Kahley said earlier that bars are generally cautioned to make sure things don’t get out of hand, but that warning bars about motorcycle gang members really isn’t something they do.

Lt. Tim Utley added that there were rumors about something going to happen among the gang members, but that there was no real need for concern.

According to the bar owners, they probably wouldn’t have thought to put the signs up had police not asked them to do so.


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5 Responses to York bars post “no colors” signs for annual Bike Night

  1. Barry Ness says:

    Oh so happy to hear that York City Police Chief Kahley has York’s public safety first and foremost!!! Might ask if HE was asked by the PA State Police to “alert” the local bars to this type of “biker behavior”???? Did the State Police have the helicopter doing “fly over’s”at the Fairgrounds??? They did all this back in the early 90’s…oh that’s right…he wasn’t here…was he? Maybe the Chief should have had a “press conference”…just saying.

    I suppose the 1% photo taken by Lauren Boyer…brought this to your attention???

    • Rebecca LeFever says:

      Thanks for your comment, Barry. It came to my attention after I was approached by a bar owner about it. I then covered the Bike Night parade and saw the signs myself. I followed up with police and other bar owners afterward.

  2. Barry Ness says:

    Thanks for you gettin’ back. But you may want to ask this question to the Chief: Does that also include HOG Chapter colors, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawi, Moto Guzzi, Ducati?????? OR, just 1%er type “clubs”. Most average citizens (non-riders) don’t have a clue and the Chief (and those who informed you about those “rumors” of trouble) use this as a scare tactic for more “presence on the street”. Did they cover the Bike Night more than the HD operations site as much or the Expo Center more??? Just saying.

  3. Wes Kahley says:

    Rebecca, your article fails to discuss the fact that I told you that this was not an effort by the Police Department. That we annually have a great crowd for Bike Night, that even though 1% members do show up they don’t cause problems and that there was no credible intelligence information to suggest otherwise this year. When we do have information we share it as a precautionary measure to those we feel will be impacted. If we discuss issues with businesses we are using a scare tactic when nothing occurs. If we do not discuss issues we are not doing our job. The officer that had this discussion with the bar owners thought he was helping them by keeping them informed. I support proactive problem solving. So much for close relations with business owners and the community.

    Mr. Ness you are more than welcome to come discuss this issue with me and just to keep you up to date I was here in the 90s. In fact, I have been a York City Police Officer since the late 80s and I am also a recognized expert on gangs with many years experience investigating them. The Fairgrounds and the HD plant are not within my jurisdiction so I cannot speak to what did or did not occur at those locations. The only thing I can speak to is the fact that we had another great Bike Night this year downtown. The motorcycle riders were well behaved as they always are to include the 1%ers that showed up but I guess some would like people to believe otherwise.

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