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Interstate 83 drivers: Watch for traffic stops near Loganville

If you travel Interstate 83 at night, you’ll want to be aware of some brief traffic stops that are planned for overnight Friday and Monday. Crews plan to set six bridge beams each night at the Loganville interchange, which is … Continue reading

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Update on repairs to the Seitzville Road bridge

It sounds like work on the Seitzville Road bridge might be getting underway. A reader emailed me today to report that it appears as though the repairs are getting underway. He wrote that he saw heavy equipment and loads of … Continue reading

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Crews to inspect the Norman Wood Bridge Tuesday

Crews were not out today to inspect the Route 372 bridge (the Norman Wood Bridge) over the Susquehanna River in southeastern York County because of the inclement weather. However, they are expected to be out there tomorrow, said Mike Crochunis, … Continue reading

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Emergency responders look to Twitter to spread news

Members of the York Daily Record, primarily photographer Jason Plotkin, visual editor Eileen Joyce and myself (night cops reporter) have been meeting with local fire departments to teach them the basics of Twitter as they begin to look to social … Continue reading

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Hunting for a bear in Delta

A bear apparently has been hanging around in Delta. Someone tweeted Thursday that it was seen on Chestnut Street. So I took a trip to the southeastern part of the county to see what was going on. I knocked on … Continue reading

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Eww! What is that bug?

So there was this bug hanging around in the conference room of our office yesterday. I snapped a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to Timothy Abbey of the Penn State Cooperative Extension to ask him … Continue reading

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Do you have junk in the trunk?

Here’s a story I’m working on this week. It’s about “junk” in the trunk of your vehicle. State Farm and KRC Research did a survey recently and found that only 9 percent of drivers carried all of the emergency roadside … Continue reading

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Trying to find the pros of parking

During an office conversation, I struggled to find the pros in parking, especially in downtown York. Several of us at YDR live downtown and I know first hand the pain of shelling out nearly $30 a month to park in … Continue reading

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How many extreme weather records did York County break in 2012?

Extreme weather shattered 3,527 monthly records across the county last year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an international, nonprofit environmental organization. And that’s up from the 3,251 monthly records broken in 2011, the organization reported Tuesday. In Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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How would you react to an armed robber?

A York store owner and his brother made a quick decision earlier this week to fight off an armed gunman who demanded cash. Staff writer Mike Argento wrote: Young C. Kwon was behind the counter of his family’s corner grocery … Continue reading

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