Trying to find the pros of parking

What parking woes do you face? YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS — FILE

During an office conversation, I struggled to find the pros in parking, especially in downtown York. Several of us at YDR live downtown and I know first hand the pain of shelling out nearly $30 a month to park in front of my apartment.

I have the option of parking around the block for a fraction of the cost, but coming home from work late at night prompts me to pay the extra cash for peace of mind.

The parking garage is an option if you want to avoid street parking in York. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS — KATE PENN

Because I pay a premium to park on my own block, it’s sometimes frustrating to see people park along the sidewalk where there aren’t any meters as they get their haircut in the barbershop below my apartment. I’ve never seen any of those people receive a ticket.

Another co-worker mentioned that she got a free parking spot in her rent, but living right above a restaurant means dinner time usually leaves her searching for a spot on the street — and some of those areas are lacking in street lights.

A call out on Twitter to see if anyone had any positive parking stories only produces more cons.

Pattie Crider of York mentioned that parking around the courthouse is always tough, unless you’re up to paying to park in the garage on East Market Street. Also, “…anywhere around York College other than Country Club Rd which is closely guarded by ‘parking cops’ on cleaning day.”

What parking pros or cons do you have? Any suggestions for how to make things easier?

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2 Responses to Trying to find the pros of parking

  1. Rebecca LeFever says:

    Some friends have since responded and mentioned some great pros:
    There’s free parking in both Philadelphia Street garages during Central Market days. Some streets also have free parking in certain blocks.

  2. Peg says:

    I used to live in the 300 block of E. Market St. We paid for an on-street parking space and never had much trouble finding one. We shop and walk and dine in downtown York all the time now (now live on the eastern edge of the city) and can almost always find a space close to where we are going. It never bothered me to pay for a space on the block where I lived, just like it doesn’t bother me to plug the meter now. It’s part of living and participating in city life. I love Martin Library, Raime’s restaurant, the Yorktowne Hotel, Sunrise Soap and others. They are in the city, so that’s where I go. And park. Penn St. Market has a free lot. Martin Library has a free lot. Remember that a YW annual membership is the biggest parking bargain there is (they have a parking lot on Reineke Place).

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