After years of waiting, widening of the “York split” expected to start this summer

There’s some good news for Harrisburg commuters: The widening of the “York split” is expected to begin later this summer.

The new Lowther Street bridge over Interstate 83 just opened this week to one lane of traffic in each direction, according to a news release from the state Department of Transportation.

More paving is needed, but the span should fully open to two lanes of traffic in each direction by the end of next week, the release says.

When that’s open, crews can remove the temporary bridge. PennDOT officials expect that to happen in mid-June, said Mike Crochunis, a PennDOT spokesman.

And then it’s on to widening the Interstate 83.

The highway will be widened to accommodate four lanes on mainline I-83 and three ramps, the release states.

For Harrisburg commuters, that means the single lane ramp at the Route 581 interchange will be widened to two lanes. Hopefully, that will mean a quicker trip to the capital city.

What are your thoughts on this project? How are you dealing with the daily commute?



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One Response to After years of waiting, widening of the “York split” expected to start this summer

  1. Douglas Gitt says:

    Those traffic backups and delays on I-83 north would not be as bad if drivers did not use the left lane to pass stopped traffic and cut over to the right lane at the last minute. This is particularly bad for truck drivers who leave a safe distance between their trucks and the vehicles ahead, only to have multiple cars cut in front of them, causing even more delays.

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