Speak out on transportation issues during online public meeting

You can participate in the first-ever online public meeting Thursday evening about state transportation issues, according to the state Department of Transportation.

The webcast will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. This is part of the update to the 12-Year Transportation Program, which serves as a blueprint of prioritized transportation projects.

State Department of Transportation Secretary Barry J. Schoch will give an update on state transportation issues and answer questions from registered participants. Questions can be submitted in advance to ra-penndotstc@pa.gov.

In addition to participating in the webcast, people can provide their input on transportation priorities through Oct. 7 at their convenience. The three ways to do that are:

–Through the “Tell US What You Think” survey.
–By emailing ra-penndotstc@pa.gov to request a printed survey copy.
–By calling 1-855-896-4930.

Interested in participating?

Register at www.TalkPATransportation.com.

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One Response to Speak out on transportation issues during online public meeting

  1. Barry Ness says:

    Greatest way to control a meeting…have no human person in attendance!!! Greatest idea since the Town Hall’s that went crazy back a few years ago…something about gun control or Obama something or debt ceiling…whatever. Keeps the hot button issue away from being answered!

    This type of entity gets input…but is it the type that really helps as those that are more “internet driven” or “government insider” (lobbyist) will be those that take the time or effort to use any of the ways to communicate to PennDot. To me this moves the needs from those that need the improvements to those that are excessively using taxpayer monies for more speculative use of these highway monies/projects.

    A way should also be included to provide additional or temporary monies for roadwork repair/patching far greater than allowed now after a industrial/business park is established to final finish (full attendance) as this constant truck traffic affects the feeder roads and little monies are set aside for this major cost to local governments.

    Face to face with meetings are still needed , even in these modern times…don’t you think so too???

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