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Multiplatform journalist/city reporter by day, avid sleeper by night. I go to the dog park so much that the regulars gave me a nickname -- Lois Lane. My weaknesses are Ben and Jerry's and snow.

Has the Post Office called you back lately?

I thought it would be easy to get in touch with the York City Post Office — they are, after all, in the business of communication. But it’s my first couple of weeks on the job, and I guess I … Continue reading

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What will record bee die-offs mean for York County farmers?

Across the U.S., beekeepers are opening their hives to find dead and missing bees — again.  And in even greater numbers than before. Scientists have reported the highest number of bee die-offs ever this winter, surpassing 2006 when the new … Continue reading

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Remembering Three Mile Island: Nuclear power sites in region still concern some

The power plant that was the site of the U.S.’ worst nuclear accident, Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station, is still operating, quietly producing energy for about 800,000 homes on a island in the Susquehanna River. More than 30 years … Continue reading

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Firefighters, EMTs could also benefit from mental health training

The scene of a fully-involved fire, where a home is engulfed in flames, or a the site of a three car accident with possible entrapment can be tense moments for rescuers. First responders rely on intensive training to effectively deal … Continue reading

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‘Milk cliff’ still looms in not-so-distant future for county farmers, consumers

As the Senate and House wrangled over a last-minute fiscal cliff compromise in the late hours of 2012,  Senators Stebanow and Lucas, co-chairs of the  Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, worked to draft a 78-page Farm Bill extension proposal. While the fiscal cliff … Continue reading

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Could York County face a shortage of volunteer emergency personnel?

Adams County is facing a shortage of first responders, according to a recent article by reporter Amy Stansbury in the Hanover Evening Sun. Stansbury reported that Pennsylvania’s current volunteer firefighting force is just a fraction of the size it once … Continue reading

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Proposed Johnson Controls relocation could cause more traffic snarls at Exit 4 in Shrewsbury

Johnson Controls is eyeing a property in Hopewell Township for the relocation of its test labs for commercial air-conditioners. But what’s good news for job seekers might mean bad news for commuters. The Shrewsbury interchange off Exit 4 of Interstate … Continue reading

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