‘Titanic’ fans: It’s time to let go

In: Frank and April / Out: Jack and Rose
A lot of people seem to be focused on the Kate (Winslet) and Leo (DiCaprio) reunion coming to the big screen soon. I recently read a painful Q & A in Entertainment Weekly. It focused too much on “Titanic” nostalgia and not enough on the poignant and less cheesy “Revolutionary Road,” which could earn several Oscar nods. I loved “Titanic” as much as the next sap. Heck, I even wrote notes about how hot Leo was to my BFF in seventh grade. But it’s time to let Jack and Rose rest in peace.

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One Response to ‘Titanic’ fans: It’s time to let go

  1. Jhulie says:

    Tayangin ge dunk,film titanic.and ntu crita’a nyta tau ga?

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