Fa, la, la, la, listmas

Your favorite FlipSide tradition is back. Instead of shunning the explosion of “best of” and “worst of” pop culture lists, we’re embracing it. And we’re letting you get in on the tradition this year. E-mail your top five albums and/or movies of 2010 to emccracken@ydr.com by Sunday. (Include your name, age and the municipality in which you live.) Look at my top five albums. (I forgot “Night Work” by Scissor Sisters.)
Check out a remix of 270 movies of 2010 above. And now (drum roll, please) here is our roundup of this year’s wacky, tacky, awesome and awful:
Worst tunes
Best albums
Best dressed
Hottest messes
Overpaid celebrities
OverGoogled celebrities
Biggest comebacks
Epic fails
Biggest moments in culture chosen by Patti Smith
Best movies chosen by Stephen King
Best performances that won’t in Oscars
Best lists: Time and New York Magazine
Will make a list out of anything

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