Interview with a fairy: Tinker Bell from Disney’s ‘Princess Wishes’

Tink.jpg Even fairies have to go to the dentist. On Tuesday afternoon, Cecilia Bierich was waiting to get her teeth examined in the Hershey area. The professional skater from Landvetter, Sweden will take the ice as Tinker Bell Wednesday to Sunday as Disney’s “Princess Wishes” glides into the Giant Center. Bierich said she has to use her free time to schedule appointments and errands before practice starts. She also likes to sight-see if she has time. Tuesday, that meant a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World, right after she made sure her teeth could handle all the sugar. Before her busy day started, Bierich took some time to answer a few questions.
How did you become interested in skating? (My family) moved from the city … to a smaller part (of) Sweden. When we got there, there wasn’t a lot to do. There was a skating rink (and) my parents thought that would be a good activity. I wanted to become as good as I could be. In my (skating) club there was both single skating and synchronized skating was big. My skating clubs’ team was big. We won the World Championships (in 2003 in Canada). That was a dream — to get with the best team. So that dream is fulfilled. (After that) I started coaching. (Watch Bierich skate.)
Did you watch Disney movies growing up? Absolutely. I’ve seen almost all of them, I think. They are all different. “Aladdin” (was one that) I really liked a lot. When I got a little bit older, “Mulan” was totally my favorite movie. Read more on the jump.

How did you get involved with Disney on Ice? There was a coach that came from the states in our club in Sweden. She had been working in the show business (side of skating). I was interested in that after I was on a TV show in Sweden that was like “Skating With The Stars.” (The coach) helped me with the contact for Disney and I sent in an audition video on YouTube. I was super-excited … about getting an offer with the princess show.
BierichCeciliamug.jpg Did you try out for the part of Tinker Bell? For my second year (with the show) I am skating the role of Tinker Bell. I had to audition. (Tinker Bell) is very energetic and she’s like the one kind of welcoming (the audience) to the show. I open the show with a solo. In between every story, she comes in to connect them together. You have to be really excited. She’s fun, fast and flirty. In the beginning it was a bit of a challenge. (I) have a wand and wings and everything. Right now, I don’t think it’s hard at all. (The part) fits my personality really good.
Do you get close to the other cast members? You have 40 people with the show and 40 others (that include crew, etc.) The cast usually gets kind of like a little family. You have your closer friends.
What do you like to do when you aren’t practicing or performing? Sometimes, I make music. I travel with a little studio with me so I can record. I like to visit shopping malls. In Sweden, we really don’t have that. I love stocking up on clothes before I leave. (I also like) going out to eating, but it gets really expensive. I really like Rainforest Cafe. It’s really fun to look around when you’re eating.
Is it fun to see your young fans? It’s super fun during the show (to) see all the kids get dressed up as princesses or princes … especially when (I) see someone as Tinkerbell. It’s fun to meet the kids. and sometimes we get to teach them how to skate. One hour before the show, (ticket holders) can get the chance to get pictures with one or two princesses. You can take pictures of each of the princess’ dresses. It’s a fun thing to come and see before the show, and it’s free. It comes with the cost of the ticket.
(Photos: Submitted; Top, Cecilia Bierich as Tinker Bell with Disney’s ‘Princess Wishes.’ Right, Bierich, who is a skater from Sweden.)

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