YLT kicks off fundraising campaign for new roof, debt reduction

York Daily Record: New signage was installed Jan. 19 at York Little Theatre.

About a year ago, the Cultural Alliance of York County said it would no longer fund York Little Theatre. It was the best thing that could have happened, Mike Ausherman said. The alliance said it couldn’t contribute several thousands dollars to the theater while its finances were in disarray.
When Ausherman, a local businessman and longtime YLT supporter, was elected president last spring, he pledged to turn things around.

On Wednesday, he had good news: The theater’s deficit has dropped from $42,000 to $11,000 in recent months. The board and bylaws have been revamped to help the theater move forward. Attendance, theater class enrollment and volunteer participation are all up.

By October 2011, the board felt ready to seek donations from corporations and foundations. Board members worked behind the scenes with the help of Drs. Wanda and Robert Filer. They’ve raised $236,000. Board members gave a combined $42,000.

YLT debuted the public leg of its fundraising campaign, titled the Act II Drive, on Wednesday. Read more.

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