See what’s in the Backstage Studio at the Whitaker Center

Get VIP access to the Whitaker Center’s Backstage Studio. The new attraction, which is the fifth long-term exhibit, recently debuted at at the Harsco Science Center, 222 Market Street, Harrisburg. It features 1,800 square feet of exhibits that reveal the science and technology behind movies, TV, music and theater.

Visitors can make an animated video, create movie sound effects, play musical instruments and learn how different lighting colors can set the mood for a show. Features include:

— The Fog Screen: Make visual effects magic
— Holograms: Learn how to produce 3D images
— Phenakistoscope: Spin a slotted disk and watch still images becomes a movie
— Graffiti Wall: Spray paint personal designs with a palette of 72 colors

Admission if free with a paid admission to the science center, which starts at $15 for adults. The center is open every day except Monday. Read more about the Whitaker Center’s new Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.

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