Local dancers will cheer for Weird Al at the Pullo Center

This week, two local dancers will go from “The Nutcracker” to nutcase.

Musician and comedian Weird Al Yankovic needed two backup dancers for his Oct. 16 show at Penn State York’s Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. His tour contacted Greater York Dance, something it did before his Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center concert about a decade ago.

“We were very fortunate to be called up again this time,” said Melinda Fritz of Greater York Dance. “We feel very grateful that people … know that we’re not just ballet. (Students) study many hours of every form of dance.”

Instead of hiring his own dancers for the tour, Yankovic gives youth a taste of fame in the cities he visits, she added.

The dancers received clips of some music for the skits. “Smells Like Nirvana,” a riff on Nirvana’s rock hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” requires grungy cheerleaders. Since the show has mature content, Fritz said the dancers are 18.

They’ll arrive at the Pullo Center an hour or two before the show to learn the choreography from producers. After that, it will be back to “Nutcracker” rehearsals for the Midstate Ballet.

“It’s completely different from ballet training,” Fritz said of the Yankovic show. “It’s a great experience.”

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One Response to Local dancers will cheer for Weird Al at the Pullo Center

  1. Lou says:

    One thing… I am 100% certain that the show HAS NO “MATURE” content so please dont anyone be put off taking children I am sure that the over 18 thing is a contractual detail/waiver. Show content is 100% Family friendly. I have seen it 11 times so I know Al would never have anything untoward in his show because of his wide demographic

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