Do they know it’s Listmas?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Listmas. And it happens every year right around the time that Santa’s recovering from a night of sliding down chimneys. Our annual holiday gift to FlipSide readers is a compilation of lists that covers all sorts of pop culture minutia from the past year. Enjoy!

The net:
Top YouTube videos of 2012
Most annoying Internet memes of 2012
Top searched obsessions, reality shows, celebrities, movies and more

Movies, music, style and more:
Billboard’s year in music
NPR listeners pick best albums of 2012
AFI names top 10 in film, TV
Best dressed women of 2012
2012 style slideshow
Vulture’s bests and worsts in 2012 entertainment
More from Vulture: 87 notables in 2012 entertainment and critic’s debate the cultural event of 2012

Our lists:
Big local entertainment stories from the past 12 months
The year in video
Worst Christmas gifts of 2012
— Photos: Famous personalities who died in 2012

Look back at Listmases past:
Listmas 2011
Listmas 2010
Listmas 2009

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