Live shares memories, new music at York’s Strand-Capitol

Check out the debut of Live’s new single, tentatively titled “World”

During his speech Thursday to announce Think Loud’s plans for a fiber-optic network, Live guitarist Chad Taylor shared some anecdotes from the band’s past. He said that York has been the epicenter for cultural and artistic movements, citing the Articles of Confederation, which were drafted in the city that would become a hub for music in future centuries.

On Live’s inspiration: Taylor said that the original members had a debate about what type of band they were going to be. He added that Pat Dalheimer and the bassist’s older brother turned the group on to punk rock. Taylor also cited U2’s “The Unforgettable Fire” as a big influence.

On the big break: Taylor said that Live played New York City’s underground music hotspot CBGB about 150 times. It’s where Joey Ramone, Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads saw and connected with the group. “Live’s music didn’t sound at all like punk rock, but it was birthed from the very same place,” Taylor said.

Spreading the word: When Live formed in the mid-80s in York, social networking was done by word-of-mouth, Taylor said. He added that he used to spend hours designing posters for Public Affection — the band which would become Live. While posting them at William Penn Senior High School, Taylor said he was chased off the school grounds by the principal.

Landing fame: Taylor said the band’s videos got into rotation on MTV’s “120 Minutes.” He joked that it aired midnight Sundays — a time when no one should have been watching. During a recent visit to Los Angeles, Taylor said he revisited some of Live’s old stomping grounds out West, including the less-than-luxurious Phoenix Motel. It was there that Taylor said Live befriended another up-and-coming ’90s act — Nirvana.

Up next: Taylor said that for 27 years, Live has been reaching out reached to make personal connections through music. Those connections have been with fans, other musicians, charitable causes and world leaders. He said Live’s new venture with United Fiber and Data — to build an East Coast network — continues the goal of connectivity. The band is also continuing work on a new album (check out a single above) and plans to tour in June.

Read more about Live and check out photos from the event. Check the jump for a video of hip-hop Violinist Damien Escobar.

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