Locals beamed up to ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ premiere in costume

Megan and Kelsea Dvorak of New Freedom sport Vulcan style at Frank Theatres in York Township.

Megan and Kelsea Dvorak of New Freedom sport Vulcan style at Frank Theatres in York Township.

More than 100 Trekkies attended the Wednesday night IMAX premiere of “Star Trek into Darkness” at Frank Theatres Queensgate Stadium 13 in York Township. A few came in costume for a contest Frank Theatres hosted. The theater staff snapped photos of participants posed in front of a movie board in the lobby.

Carl Dietrich came early for the 7 p.m. contest. He planned to attend the 10:45 screening. Dietrich wore a “Star Trek” costume that matched those sported by characters in the recent movie franchise. He explained that the costumes have hundreds of Starfleet insignias in them. He added there are costumes from each incarnation of the science fiction franchise, which debuted in the mid-’60s. (Check out a Tout video of Dietrich above.)

Megan Dvorak, 20, of New Freedom, and her sister, Kelsea, 16, mixed old and new “Star Trek” style at Frank Theaters. They dressed as Vulcans — an extraterrestrial humanoid species in the “Star Trek” universe — complete with pointed prosthetic ears. The most famous Vulcan, of course, is Spock.

“I dress up all the time,” said Megan, who sported a red space dress and black boots. “I have a whole slew of characters. (“Star Trek”) is one of my many fandoms.”

Her other characters include Dr. Frank N. Furter from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and Captain Haddock from “The Adventures of Tintin.”

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