York County native filmmaker Shane Free seeks local input for Hex murder documentary



Shane Free’s mind has been on Rehmeyer’s Hollow. The York County native said he’s been interested in the events that transpired there since his dad told him the story as a child.

The infamous case, which became known as the “Hex” murder, started Nov. 27, 1928. John Blymyer, John Curry and Wilbert Hess were accused of brutally murdering Nelson Rehmeyer in his North Hopewell Township farmhouse. Blymyer believed he had a spell placed upon him by Rehmeyer, who he called a witch doctor. The trial put York in the national spotlight.

Free, who now works as a filmmaker and editor in Los Angeles, said the chance to make a documentary about a true crime that happened near his hometown was irresistible. The witchcraft angle and the fact that the house is still standing are bonuses, he added.

Free’s mother went on the recent York walking tour of historic law offices. J. Ross McGinnis, attorney and author of “Trials of Hex,” helped guide the tour. That led Free to McGinnis, who he said has a wealth of knowledge about the Hex case.

The documentary project — titled “Hex Hollow” — is in its early stages, said Free. His goal is to travel to York County in July to get shots of the house, court house and cemetery. He’s also interested in lining up interviews with locals who have memories or connections to the murder and trial. Those interested can contact Free at hexhollowmovie@gmail.com.

“They’re the ones that know the story best,” he said of people who are connected to the case. He added that the story needs to be told now, before all of those with first-hand knowledge of the Hex case pass away.

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One Response to York County native filmmaker Shane Free seeks local input for Hex murder documentary

  1. Lenny Wiles says:


    Wrote this song around 1979 “Rehmeyer’s Spells” and recorded it on an old 80-8 Teac system. You can use it royalty license free if you want for your web site. Just mention me as the songwriter if using. I remember everyone saying at the time, especially a friend of men from the area Bob Bisker who constantly warned me, “Lenny get rid of that song.” It’s a curse. LOL! Anyway, went down to Rehmeyer’s recently and took a photo. And, I swear when I got home and looked at it there was a face staring from the top window at me. Anyway here is the song. Give it a listen.
    Also, wanted to mention a true story here. Robin my wife was with me so she can verify it. We were driving down this road leading to Rehmeyer’s Hollow. Right in the middle of the road there was this woman dressed like a Mennonite. Not in black but in a pure white dress with the Mennonite hair piece on her head. Her dress was torn. She was staring like a Zombie walking right in the middle of the road staring forward with a blank stare coming toward us. I slowed down beside her rolled my window down and asked if anything was wrong. She didn’t say anything, didn’t look at us and just kept walking slowly by. I thought maybe I should call 911 thinking maybe something bad had happened to her. Rape or something. I then looked in my rear view mirror as she passed and she was gone. True Story. Strange place down there. I think that’s why York county is called “HEX COUNTY.”

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