FlipSide Panel: Philadelphia Irish Music Fest, Fulton Theatre, Holy Hound


Satoko Berg: This weekend, I am going to take my boys to see Judy Pfaff’s exhibit. I love installation art and love how kids respond in amazement. Being literally surrounded by art and talking about how we feel is one of my favorite things to do with my boys.

Raquel Lilly: The Lilly’s will be celebrating Valentines Day and our baby boy Zhyrie’s Birthday at Ski Round Top. paintball and tubing all weekend!

Vince Moley: Saturday going down to Baltimore’s Little Italy for Valentine’s Day. Baltimore is a great city to visit because of the variety of things and places to checkout. Little Italy is cool little area that has many Italian restaurants (food + wine = happy) and that traditional Italian neighborhood feel. We’re going to a friend’s restaurant Amicci’s.

Mel Conrad: This Friday, from 9 p.m. ’til midnight, I’ll be taking in some live music at the Holy Hound Taproom in York. Local band, The Wild Hymns will be providing soulful-indie-folk-blues.

Mary Yeaple: This weekend, I’m heading east to the Greater Philadelphia Irish & Scottish Music Festival, with 25 performers and a variety of Celtic vendors all under one roof. It’s a very fun weekend with regional, national and international performers. It’s like an annual family reunion for many of my festival friends who come from several states for the weekend.


Lyn Bergdoll: Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries are timeless entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing one of her best known works,“And Then There Were None,” at the Fulton this weekend. This “whodunit” is always fun, even when you have seen it before! It runs until Feb. 15.


Sue Edmonds: Mike and I are planning an informal Valentine’s Day celebration with a low-key dinner at DiCarlo’s Pizza in downtown York, followed by a movie. DiCarlo’s makes pizza the “Steubenville, Ohio” way. It’s square and crispy and they add the cheese after the pizza comes out of the oven. Their bright, nicely decorated shop is located directly across the street from the York County Judicial Center.

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