Bubba’s hovercraft golf cart is simply awesome

Yes, this is directly from the intersection of too much money and too much time, but it’s nonetheless really cool.

In a new ad for/project with Oakley, PGA professional Bubba Watson unveils the hovercraft golf cart in an effort to “improve some of the limitations of existing golf carts.”

It glides effortlessly over fairways, rough and even water hazards. And as Bubba deftly puts it in the spot “who doesn’t want to do that?”

The best part, according to the video, is that the cart has a foot-print pressure that is about 33 times softer than that of the human foot.  So you can even drive this thing up to, even on, the green.

In case you missed it, here’s the video:

If you had unlimited time and resources, what improvements to the game would you make?

Or what other ways would you spend the time/money?

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