Poet, Ostrom capture YCAGA Spring Better Ball

Jeff Poet and T.J. Ostrom paired up to shoot a 6-under 64 on Sunday at Briarwood West Golf Course to win the York County Amateur Golf Association’s 2013 season opening event, the Spring Better Ball tournament.

Poet represented the Country Club of York, his partner represented Regents’ Glen Country Club.

Brett Berkheimer and Travis Hoffman, both playing out of Grandview, tied for second with the team of Gary Stewart Jr., out of Country Club of York, and Bob Ruby or Royal Manchester.

In the net division, James Minkin partnered with his son Gus, both out of Out Door Country Club, for a victorious score of 7-under 63.

Poet and Ostrom tied for second in the net division with the Briarwood team of Jon Stouch and Dan Mease, and the Bon Air Country Club team of Jeff Champlin and Jason Minacci.

To see a full schedule and information on the YCAGA’s tour, check out their site here.

Briarwood West
YCAGA Spring Better Ball Results
Team Gross
1. Jeff Poet/T.J. Ostrom, 64.
2t. Brett Berkheimer/Travis Hoffman, 67.
2t. Gary Stewart Jr./Bob Ruby, 67.
4t. Gus Minkin/James Minkin, 68.
4t. Bruce Smith/Mike Magalski, 68.
4t. John Lowder Jr./Alex Hofstrand, 68.
4t. Jason Kaun/Steve Goodley, 68.
8t. Denny Lankford/Todd Kennedy, 69.
8t. Gary Ames/Brent Walker, 69.
10t. Craig Emig/Sam Berryman, 70.
10t. Scott Knouse/Jay Kostenbauder, 70.
10t. Bill Brenner/Brad Markey, 70.
10t. Dan Wolfe/Dustin Hoffman, 70.
14t. Bobby Stiffler/Chance Miller, 71.
14t. Bob Meckley/Marty Trimmer, 71.
14t. Keith Krout/Troy Krout, 71.
14t. Matt Henry/Dustin Jadro, 71.
18t. Steve Gekas/Bryan Kelley, 72.
18t. Tyler Harman/Shane Henry, 72.
18t. Ricky Hoke/Josh Rinehart, 72.
21t. Alan Hensley/Lance Dunbar, 73.
21t. Matt Daryman/Nick Geiman, 73.
21t. John Stacey/Brian Motway, 73.
21t. Chris Mescan/Norm Mumma, 73.
21t. Troy Jesko/Clair Stough Jr., 73.
21t. Matt Smith/Kyle Henry, 73.
27t. Adam Hess/Steve Hess, 74.
27t. Jim Hess/Galen Rupp, 74.
27t. Eric Helwig/Don Helwig, 74.
27t. Kevin Bacha/Connor Bacha, 74.
27t. Mike Romantowski/Ted Truman, 74.
32t. Scott Sebring/Blake Sebring, 75.
32t. Denny O’Connor/Devin O’Connor, 75.
32t. Todd Marshlick/Rod Crumbling Jr., 75.
32t. Wayne Jacobs/Gary Sutton, 75.
36t. Phil Mengelkamp/Payne Baust, 76.
36t. David Heath/Vince Cucchiara, 76.
38t. Matt Rundle/Robert Rundle, 77.
38t. Alex Yalch/William Lynch, 77.
38t. Lance Walter/Chris Aspey, 77.
38t. Kory Trout/Brian Trout, 77.
42t. John McClure/Patrick Shorb, 78.
42t. Jack Kyle/Bruce Mickey, 78.
44. Jeff Champlin/Jason Minacci, 79.
45. Jon Stouch/Dan Mease, 82.
46t. Bud McCullough/Joe Gangloff, 83.
46t. Robert E. Myers/Kevin Diehl, 83.

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