Periscope app presidential realness

Periscope app: Be interesting to watch this election, where candidates are unaware of the reach of a live audience via a smartphone. Live interviews and people’s interpretation from organic sources at any time.

“…presidential candidate Rand Paul stalked off in a huff in the middle of a Periscope interview with The Guardian on Friday, leaving correspondent Paul Lewis to theorize about the candidate’s sudden departure as the lights in the room went out .” – <a href=””>mashable</a>

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chromebookWell that took 10 minutes I doubled the RAM on my $170 Chromebox for $38 from two to four gig.

Cheap or free computing is the best. Runs great.

The last of my regular computers blew a power supply and I get tired of being on mobile all day long and sometimes it’s just nice to have a huge screen and a physical keyboard tosmash on.

Nice link to show how and source to buy

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Updated: Odd stuff I hear on the police scanner – 911 calls

The sometimes sad, often odd and mostly amusing bits and pieces of life in York County, Pennsylvania tweeted while listening to York County Department of Emergency Services, 911 Communications from April 2010 to present while covering news for the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

The 800 tweets almost never made the paper or a web update, but are still a micro slice of life.

Originally posted to twitter @paulkuehnel

March 18
#911call: For a KIA stolen from Walmart parking lot…caller calls back, not stolen, she forgot she was driving different car.
March 17
#911call: Caller advises that he was attacked by his “baby mother’s son” It’s interesting to watch the evolution of defining family.
March 15
#911call: For an empty flipped over vehicle with alcohol bottles in the vehicle.
March 9
#911call: For a man constantly stealing and smashing light bulbs\
March 6
#911call: for a pothole. Police: “this isn’t a pothole, it’s a kettle”
March 8
#911call: Caller wants to know where he can get replacement for lost (loaded) magazine for his gun. Police: Tell him to Google it
March 3
#911call: For a vehicle throwing credit cards out the window
#911call: For two females, one punched the other, for cutting in front of her in a drive-through (call from each)
Feb 10
#911call: Caller advises they received 5 counterfeit $20
Feb 9
#911call: Caller advises that they were being rushed thu a drivethru, told driver not to rush them, then person rushing pulled out a gun.
Feb 8
#911call: for an older model Honda heading toward Dover with stolen “Popcorn and Dixie plates” from the Giant.
Feb 3
#911call: caller advises, got a call that she just won $5,000,000 from the Treasury Department
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Meerkat as a journalism tool, Periscope

Meerkat shoots in a horizonal preview but people view in vertical , so make sure the image is loose and in the center.

Meerkat shoots in a horizonal preview but people view in vertical , so make sure the image is loose and in the center.

Meerkat may be broken before it gains any traction.

Meerkat may evolve into a great journalism tool, but Periscope may be the anointed live video streaming service by the Twitter gods over time.

Updated 03/14 @sadandbritish sent me this link:  Twitter Starts breaking Meerkat Features by Limiting Social Graph Access.

And so it goes with new ideas that depend entirely on someone else’s highways. Twitter has their own  idea for live streaming service, Periscope.

Twitter rolled out a similar service after services like Tout, that edits and posts short videos in social streams.

What makes Meerkat so cool, is live interactions with Twitter (what Twitter is breaking).

Notifications in iOS app tell you about streams in your twitter stream.

Notifications in iOS app tell you about streams in your twitter stream. Here Mashable has scheduled a live stream and I was notified and it appears in the app.

Meerkat is more a video live stream extension of Twitter than a stand-alone product.

You log in with your twitter account and the interaction within  Meerkat works with your social stream. Your twitter name is your Meerkat name.

  • Auto posting of live stream to your Twitter account when you start broadcasting.
  • Comments you leave on screen also post to Twitter.
  • You receive notifications from people you follow that they will be scheduling a live stream (see photo)
Stream viewed in iOS

Stream viewed in iOS. Note: you can see all the people watching your stream and comments show on the screen and are posted to your twitter feed in real-time as you broadcast.

Meerkat goes with the vertical video output, like Snapchat because they think people hold their smartphones vertical most of the time so we should just give up and do it too theme.

From the perspective of getting more junk on the internet and gaining followers, Meerkat is successful, but from a journalism perspective it presents new challenges. Throw shooting tight and horizontal panning though the preview frame out the window

Meerkat assumes that you will be far away from your subject, as most smartphone shooters are.

Stream stretched and cropped as viewed in web browsers.

Stream stretched and cropped as viewed in web browsers.

The viewfinder is horizontal while the output video vertical.

Make sure the subject is in the middle! and not too close or you will have your content cropped out into nonsense. If the subject moves, keep it in the center. It makes you almost want to mask out the viewfinder while using it.

When stream has ended you can save to camera roll.

When stream has ended you can save to camera roll.

The web view takes the horizontal preview, outputted into a vertical and stretches it back to a horizontal!. so the image can almost make no sense and is all morphed.

This is mostly a mobile platform.  

When the steam ends, the thumbnail window is back to horizontal. You can save a vertical video to your camera roll.

All of this doesn’t seem to matter to the growing popularity of the service, as it goes with the visual evolution.

You can only produce videos on iOS at the point but you can view live streams on both iOS and Android.

Time will tell if Camp Meerkat or Camp Periscope wins the live streaming Twitter battle. The Periscope kids hold most of the camp door keys at the moment.

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Google wireless network moving closer

Google wireless network may only work (initially) with Nexus 6 smartphones. This would make sense if you are trying to perfect a WiFi + MVNO carrier, to start with one device, a pure Android phone to make sure it works. But if the price is right! this would most likely appeal to Android innovators first anyway.

If it is anything like Republic Wireless which starts at a $5 WiFi only plan,the cost could easily outweigh the limitations.

It may launch later in March .

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Tout Android thumbnail pick, gain loss iOS

tout1Tout, a real-time video publishing platform,  updated the Android app with the ability to update thumbnails.

In one way, it is a better method than on iOS in that you can set the thumbnail before you upload the video. On iOS the video auto publishes with a random often not so great thumbnail. Then when you have time you can go back into the app and update it.

You choose the thumbnail from your video tout2timeline or a still from your gallery on the phone, another Android only feature.

On the other hand you can’t update the thumbnail for videos uploaded though the web interface or change the thumbnail once the video is uploaded from the Android app, which you can do on iOS.

But it is an ok trade off for quick publishing. I would rather know the video has the right thumbnail before I upload it, rather than auto publishing with an almost always poor thumbnail selection and getting back to it later after it has had its 15 minutes of fame.

Start editing the thumbnail in the Android app of Tout by clicking on the picture icon in the caption edit field after your clips have been trimmed and placed in order.

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Android, Gmail merging contacts tool

mergeA handy Android, Gmail merging contacts tool.

You have had a Gmail account since 2004, merged earlier email contacts maybe rolled over a list of phone contacts since 1997…  It’s time to clean house.

This easy tool that pulls the contact list out of Gmail and on it’s own page allowing you to do maintenance tasks, specifically merge contacts.

Log into your Gmail account on a web browser and then into a new tab.

merge1I condensed 75 contacts with sometimes 3 or 4 entries for the same person. It will compact all the fields into one new contact.

Since the contacts on your Android phone are cloud based off of Gmail, that list updates automatically.

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Net neutrality reminder from Comcast

This is what you don’t want to see from a provider like Comcast that has over half of US broadband customers

This is why net neutrality is important and should especially be for journalists working in a very mature monopolized market with declining compensation, searching for new ways to survive.

The internet should be one big open pipe and regulated like a utility.

It would be absurd if your gas company could cut off your supply if you didn’t buy a specific brand water heater, or the water company could restrict water if you wanted to use a Delta faucet in your sink instead of a Moen. That is why we need net neutrality.

Comcast: “business terms had not yet been agreed upon.”

“Comcast customers that want to access HBO Go from a PlayStation 4 are hitting a roadblock, the site reported. Other ISPs are serving HBO Go just fine.”

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HDR on Nikon D4s and smartphones

HDRMy new Nikon D4s also has an HDR  (high dynamic range) option.  It offers a few more options than the auto HDR typical now on smartphones.

I’m a big fan of using the auto HDR  mode on my Moto X smartphone, particularly when the time to tone and tweet is minimal.

On the phone I can shut it off, or auto sense a situation needing it. It’s pretty good on auto.

These often cropped 10 mp 4320 x 2432 pixel photos from my phone wind up in the daily workflow more than you would think.

Great for snow, harsh sun, back lit faces, harsh reflections – HDR basically takes several photos at different exposures and sandwiches them together smoothing out the transitions. 

You can only shoot HDR on the D4s with jpg and tiff. It is not available shooting raw images or video. You have to shut off HDR to move back into raw, if that is what you shoot. If you shoot jpeg or tiff, than it’s an easier transition

  • HDR2Choose how far a range you want from 1-3 stops
  • “Smoothing” adjusts the transitions between high and low contrast in the image
  • Processing is almost instantaneous, but this isn’t a multiple exposure operation on the fly.

This isn’t an automatic setting and takes some user input with each exposure. And you are starting with a manipulated jpg so probably not a use for a high quality images.

Maybe something to add to the arsenal of tools for a crazy sunset exposure moment, or a day when the snow is just blazing away.


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Apple profits 2014 is unsustainable?

Apple Took 93 Per Cent of Mobile Industry Profits in Late 2014 –

Apple profits 2014 seems unsustainable. The other side of this “success story” is that customers willingly gave Apple that profit from their pockets in an eroding middle, lower class economy when other tools exist for much less.

I find it a fascinating model. On the other end of the spectrum, I can run a perfectly competent smartphone for under $300 (even $150) bought outright, no contract on $5 a month wifi only MVNO if I was so cheaply inclined.

Does that profit momentum continue? It is running on desirability, which can be a fickle monster. So if you have 20% of the market share (and less depending on country) and 93% of profits. That could flip pretty quick if demand falls and lowering handset price, even a fraction, in a world that looks at success as only going up. How do you sustain that?

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