HDR on Nikon D4s and smartphones

HDRMy new Nikon D4s also has an HDR  (high dynamic range) option.  It offers a few more options than the auto HDR typical now on smartphones.

I’m a big fan of using the auto HDR  mode on my Moto X smartphone, particularly when the time to tone and tweet is minimal.

On the phone I can shut it off, or auto sense a situation needing it. It’s pretty good on auto.

These often cropped 10 mp 4320 x 2432 pixel photos from my phone wind up in the daily ydr.com workflow more than you would think.

Great for snow, harsh sun, back lit faces, harsh reflections – HDR basically takes several photos at different exposures and sandwiches them together smoothing out the transitions. 

You can only shoot HDR on the D4s with jpg and tiff. It is not available shooting raw images or video. You have to shut off HDR to move back into raw, if that is what you shoot. If you shoot jpeg or tiff, than it’s an easier transition

  • HDR2Choose how far a range you want from 1-3 stops
  • “Smoothing” adjusts the transitions between high and low contrast in the image
  • Processing is almost instantaneous, but this isn’t a multiple exposure operation on the fly.

This isn’t an automatic setting and takes some user input with each exposure. And you are starting with a manipulated jpg so probably not a use for a high quality images.

Maybe something to add to the arsenal of tools for a crazy sunset exposure moment, or a day when the snow is just blazing away.


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Apple profits 2014 is unsustainable?

Apple Took 93 Per Cent of Mobile Industry Profits in Late 2014 – gizmodo.co.uk

Apple profits 2014 seems unsustainable. The other side of this “success story” is that customers willingly gave Apple that profit from their pockets in an eroding middle, lower class economy when other tools exist for much less.

I find it a fascinating model. On the other end of the spectrum, I can run a perfectly competent smartphone for under $300 (even $150) bought outright, no contract on $5 a month wifi only MVNO if I was so cheaply inclined.

Does that profit momentum continue? It is running on desirability, which can be a fickle monster. So if you have 20% of the market share (and less depending on country) and 93% of profits. That could flip pretty quick if demand falls and lowering handset price, even a fraction, in a world that looks at success as only going up. How do you sustain that?

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Review of Twitter’s video platform on Android

Screenshot_2015-02-08-18-24-53A very obvious invitation popped up in an update from twitter tonight in the Android app in my Moto X running Android 4.4.4 to try the new integrated twitter video publishing platform.

The made the walk though really simple and there are popups along the way for each function.

  • 20 seconds of video (record timer turns red when you have run out of time keeps recording)
  • you can record multiple clips
  • can delete a recorded clip
  • can move around the clip order
  • can use front facing camera
  • use your flash
  • record video with phone vertical (frame is almost square)
  • upload time for 20 seconds was 58 seconds on Verizon LTE
  • posting to Twitter was instant with video available instantly
  • embed options available on web interface for video embed only or twitter plus video embed
  • Not easy to embed in Facebook without embedding via page link first
  • Haven’t found a way to save videos created

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Updated: Odd stuff I hear on the police scanner – 911 calls

The sometimes sad, often odd and mostly amusing bits and pieces of life in York County, Pennsylvania tweeted while listening to York County Department of Emergency Services, 911 Communications from April 2010 to present while covering news for the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

The 788 tweets almost never made the paper or a web update, but are still a micro slice of life.

Originally posted to twitter @paulkuehnel

Feb 3
#911call: For a 2 yr old who hit his head on TV stand running around house. (Things parents will tell dates when your 25)
Jan 25
#911call: Caller from Norfolk Southern says someone is shooting at a train, kneeling in the bushes.
#911call: Caller advises that his ex is driving his Dodge Ram back and forth in front of the house yelling things at him.
Jan 21
#911call: The caller would like a call about some news pictures.
Jan 13
#911call: “for two females trying to open a car door with a crowbar”
Jan 11
#911call: Caller advises that he is on the outside of a vehicle on the hood, his wife is driving and he is calling for help.
Jan 4, 2015
#911call: Police: “There is a whole load of issues there, but no crime committed”
Dec 30
#911call: Caller advises that someone broke into the loss prevention office of the store
#911call: For a man with a white mask and a red flannel shirt who picked up his mail
#911call: Caller advises individual is hanging signs in tree about a hunger strike and caller doesn’t know if condo assoc will do anything.
#911call: Caller says threat: “… it’s gunna get pretty”
Dec 21
#911call: Caller advises that her neighbor keeps putting beepers under her trailer and they make loud beeping noises.
Dec 15
#911call: Caller advises that they bought a home, there are squatters there. A couple dogs, and a child that says the parents aren’t home.
Dec 7
#911call: Female stayed w him last night, while he was at Walmart she dumped ketchup, bleach on his clothing, shoes, unknown where she is
Dec 3
#911call: Police: Let the caller know that she is officially not in trouble for the cat she doesn’t own.
Nov 30
#911call: Caller advises that her husband is high on crack and slammed a turkey dinner over her head
Nov 24
#911call: Caller advises that she found one of her necklaces at Pawn Plus and “didn’t even know it was gone”
#911call: a confrontations between neighbors because one is cleaning car mats on the other’s porch, no weapons involved.
#911call: The caller has multiple tires slashed and thinks it may be because he owes money to a drug dealer
Nov 23
#911call: For two females in a Kia rolling a joint
#911call: Caller advises that the subjects who stole the items from her are trying to sell them back to her.
#911call: for two sheep in a yard… Police have been looking for the sheep for a couple days
Nov 10
#911call: Caller advises that it looks like a large cat, but it isn’t a cat and it’s not a dog either.
Nov 5
#911call: For a 92 yr old patient who has been unresponsive since Monday and the family just decided to call 911
Nov 3
#911call: caller says the neighbors fence fell on her property and she wants to know if she can burn it
Oct 28
#911call: For two girls driving around the neighborhood in a Honda Civic harassing the newspaper boy.
#911call: Speed checkpoint: Police: “Motorcycle 105mph”… ” that’s a good one get him”
Oct 26
#911call: For juveniles sneaking in and using a neighbor’s trampoline
Oct 21
#911call: “For a fight outside Lots of Love”
Oct 15
#911call: “For a machine gun going off for over an hour and it sounds like a war out there”
Oct 13
#911call: Caller advises a “beeping stick” was thrown from car… after search.. officer finds beeping stick
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Video: Couples marry, hundreds gather at Equality Fest in York

Couples marry, hundreds gather at Equality Fest in York #equalityfestpa #gaymarriage

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Video: Explore a basement built in the mid-1700’s

Explore a basement built in the mid-1700’s, beneath the Dritt Mansion, part of the Zimmerman Center for Heritage

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Video: Together 23 years, Sue Harmon and Amy Lippert will marry

Together 23 years, Sue Harmon and Amy Lippert will marry at Equality Fest York. “The more you acknowledge people, the more they’re part of the fabric of society” #flipsidepa #gaymarriage

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Video: Kindergarten Kick-off

Kindergarten Kick-off is a preview of Kindergarten for @rlschools students. A taste of the concepts and routines of school.

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Video: Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana: Mark Knecht says it’s like “your child is in a pool, your child is drowning…it’s against the law to throw your child the life preserver” He plans to split family up to seek treatment in Colorado – press conference with Rep. Scott Perry.

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Video: The toughest moment of the Toughest Firefighter

The toughest moment of the Toughest Firefighter Alive competition is the 185 lb. dummy drag. Follow Landon Myers, a volunteer with the Goodwill Fire Co., as shows us how it’s done.

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