VIDEO: Retired Bombardier pilots golf cart back and forth across the country

While some people retire into a motor home built on a bus chassis pulling a Chevy Suburban, George Bombardier has spent the past 11 years touring the country in a golf cart.
The 68-year-old retired roofer even sleeps in the Club Car golf cart powered by a used 300 cc Kawasaki generator engine.
Taking my vacations on a motorcycle over the past nine years, I understand Bombardier’s storytelling zest.
“You really get to see the country,” he said, “including things you don’t want to see, like tornadoes and things like that. You don’t want to see one of those, I’ll tell you. Not up close.”
He has also been through the the Holland Tunnel into New York City, because they wouldn’t let him take the cart on the Staten Island Ferry, and to Washington D.C. because he wanted to see where the president lives.
It takes him about 10-20 days to cross the United States mostly on small roads, but that seems to be the point of traveling for Bombardier.
He’s had open heart surgery, and he died three times on the table, or at the hospital. And now he has a machine in his chest that powers his heart.
Bombardier will delight in his stories about facing death with the same sense of adventure that he brings to his life.
So if you see a golf cart buzzing around York that looks like a tiny red 57′ Chevy that’s been through a few too many adventures, its just on the way to the next adventure.

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