Trip to the nursery is always more expensive than expected

Trying to avoid the weekend and pre-Mother’s Day crowd at the nursery, we arrived on a Wednesday afternoon.

First off, most people have their favorite nursery.  For whatever reason, they tend to go back to the same place year after year.  I know we do because of the friendly folks who run the place and their in-depth knowledge of the flowers.

Secondly, I know we’re probably tempting fate, but we’re actually going to plant our flowers PRIOR to May 15, which appears to be the official end-of-frost threat in this area.  We have an advantage in that we plant all of our flowers in pots and can move them into the garage if cold weather is in the forecast.

No matter how much preparation we do before going to the nursery, we always purchase more than we had planned.  Once you are there with all the flowers, it is difficult to say “No” to some of those that catch your eye.

That, of course, increases the amount of money you planned to spend.  In our case, it seems to get higher and higher every year.

But, you know what?  When all the planting is done and we see how the place looks, we decide it was money well spent.

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