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Posted by Jason Plotkin This is a video of former Penn State fullback Steve Smith and his wife Chie. I’ve done stories in the past of how couples fight on during adversity through their love. Steve is now bedridden in his Texas home due to ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and their positive outlook is […]

Animals love to eat lenses
SPCA volunteer Emma Keffer, 16, of Spring Garden Township, with Blue, a rescue horse, in front of Frank Theatres Friday, December 30, 2011.   - DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

Posted by Kate Penn Animals across the board seem to love the taste of my lens. I do my best to keep their noses and tongues off my glass but sometimes they are just too sneaky for me. To be fair, I had just fed this horse an apple slice so I was kind of […]


Often a shadow photo doesn’t make a good news photo. Images must read fast and often run small, but here it can RUN BIG! Two men in brown sport coats and the word “security” on their black turtlenecks were standing outside Friendship Baptist Church, in York, Christmas morning after Mayor Kim Bracey’s mother reportedly was […]

You better watch out
In this Dec. 17, 2011 photo, Bill Trochil, portraying Santa Claus, hugs Samantha Munden, 1, both of Manitowoc, as they pose for pictures at the Manitowoc Public Library in Manitowoc, Wis.  (AP Photo/Herald-Times Reporter,  Matthew Apgar)

Posted by Eileen Joyce This time of year Santa Claus is everywhere. He might be in a parade one day and listening to soldiers’ wishes the next. It’s not all work, though. Santa still finds time to take a break for a bit of fishing now and then.

Chris’s tough decision
Chris’s tough decision

Posted by Chris Dunn I was told to pick my “favorite” photo from this year for my first post on this blog — a request at which I balked because I’m bad at picking favorites at anything. But here we are: I started doing this photojournalism thing in 2006, graduated from the University of Missouri […]

Paul’s Still and Video Picks
Paul’s Still and Video Picks

Posted by Paul Kuehnel One of my favorite photos of 2011 was found during the endless flood coverage in April. It’s easy to find cars going through water, people struggling with water or a scenic of water, but you don’t often find a the depiction of Christ walking on (or in this case dipping a […]

Kate’s Favorites
From left Brothers Michael Meza, Thomas Choi, and Florian Gabor walk through St. Joseph's Carnival with prizes won on the midway Wednesday, June 15, 2011. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

Posted by Kate Penn I’m told this is where I should introduce myself so here it goes. I’m Kate Penn, and I’ve been a staff photographer here at YDR for about 4 years. Though I’m not from York the area has really grown on me, especially York’s downtown. You can find me on the twitter […]

Jason Plotkin’s Picks
With dog food in one hand and beer in the other, Mike Ingolls walks to his Hellam Township home along a flooded River Road on Friday, Sept. 9, 2011. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- JASON PLOTKIN

Posted by Jason Plotkin There are many reasons that this photo of Mike Ingalls found it’s place as my favorite photograph for 2011. That I got to wade in chest high water in my fishing waiters and take photos always make for a fun time. The surprise of Mr. Ingalls carrying BEER with his dog […]

Welcome to “Look”
Joe Paterno watches from a golf cart as his team runs onto the practice field for a workout after Penn State football media day Tuesday, August 16, 2011. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- EILEEN JOYCE

Posted by Eileen Joyce Welcome to the York Daily Record’s new photo blog, Look. It’s a place where our staff of visual journalists will be able to share stories and images about the great work they do. We hope to take you behind the scenes and give you some insight into the work involved in […]

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