A quiet moment

Jonny and Bria McKinzie of Hampton Township in Cumberland County practice relaxation exercises as prescribed by The Bradley Method during a class in the Newberry Township home of instructor Alayna Galbraith on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2011. Bria McKinzie is five months pregnant with their second child. Galbraith is an instructor in The Bradley Method, a natural childbirth method that does not involve medication or surgery and that emphasizes proper relaxation and diet. Galbraith teaches the courses, which run 12 weeks, to up to five couples at a time in her home in the Etters area of Newberry Township. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - CHRIS DUNN

Posted by Chris Dunn

A few years ago, I was piecing together my new portfolio for internship applications, which meant I was driving myself nuts over a variety of factors that included sequence, visual variety, content variety and more. It also meant I was cornering my friends and mentors for advice and feedback.

One mentor said something I haven’t forgotten: “These are all very loud moments.”

Which isn’t a bad thing. At least, I don’t think so. But it made me realize that, as a photographer, I leaned toward loud moments — moments that make you stop and look because of a crazy facial expression or crazy movement or crazy something. Those are the moments that speak for themselves without your having to spend too much time on the photograph. The only reason you spend time on that photograph, therefore, is to enjoy it.

Afterward, I started seeking out quieter moments — moments that make you stop and look because you have to dig a little deeper. That also meant the photographer had to dig a little deeper to make that picture.

This photo illustrates such a quiet moment. It’s a simple moment of a man holding his wife as his wife holds their child. It speaks of tenderness, anticipation and comfort — but mostly love.

(This photo will run in an upcoming issue of Smart magazine.)

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