Are you a weekend warrior?

I’m in search of more subjects for my series of portraits of weekend warriors. Bob is an instructional media specialist (read a/v guy) for York College who takes off on his bike on weekends and doesn’t return for hours. He competes in races each year and spends countless hours on the road and stationary bike training.

This isn’t the photo of Bob that will be published but you get the idea – he means business.

I’m focusing on people who have a job that doesn’t necessarily give away their athletic passion. For example, a marathon runner who is a track coach is not quite what I’m looking for here. But a triathlete who is a babysitter or a marathoner who drives a truck for a living is.

If you think you might fit the bill leave me a comment with your info or e-mail me at


Bob Graffin of New Freedom is an instructional media specialist at York College and an avid cycler. Photo taken Thursday, April 19, 2012. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN


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  1. I work in IT and am a musician, and while I can’t call myself a triathlete just yet, I will be running my first triathlon, the Mason Dixon Sprint at Pinchot Park, on June 3.

    It all started with a friendly bet with my sister to see who would reach 500 miles on our new bikes last May. Sadly, she was taken from us in a car accident a week later, but I knew I had to reach at least that goal and have been inspired to do more since. So far I have put nearly 1,000 miles on the bike (many of them on the York rail trail) and participated in three 5k runs. I plan to do other 5ks coming up as well as the Central PA Tour De Cure also in June.

    The triathlon just happens to be on the one year anniversary of my sister’s accident. Before last year I was not nearly as active, and though I’m still very much a beginner (the 5ks are for fun, and my goal with the triathlon is mainly to finish), being active when I can fit in it has been a fun and healthy outlet. :)

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