YDR’s Street Rod Scavenger Hunt: And the winner is …

We challenged readers to take part in a Street Rod Scavenger Hunt while thousands of the classic cars were in town for their national meet last weekend at the York Expo Center. Contestants needed to photograph a list of items and submit them to our online street rod gallery here. The contestant with the most points, as defined in our contest guidelines, would be declared the winner.

There were several fun and impressive entries. We were really excited to see how determined our readers were to find all 10 items, with bonus points. Everyone was shooting for a perfect score.

In the end, Lance Peters of Red Lion was the winner, accumulating 18 of a possible 20 points. Lance found all 10 items on the list, and collected bonus points in all but two categories.

Here is his winning collection, along with captions/comments, where applicable.

1. Vanity plate from a state bordering Pennsylvania (Bonus if that state is Delaware). Peters wrote: Go38 on a 1938 Street Rod.

In some of our entries, the term “vanity” plate threw some folks off. We judged some entries to be special organization plates instead of vanity plates.

2. Pink street rod (Bonus if owner is in photo, wearing pink). Peters wrote: Pink 57 Tbird with owner wearing pink pants.

This category was tough to judge. One man’s pink is another man’s fuschia.

3. Racing number on the car door (Bonus if number is three digits).

As our winner pointed out on his entry, the list asked for a racing number ON THE DOOR of the car, which meant those cars with numbers on the rear quarter, or area just behind the side window, did not count.

4. Street rod with a matching trailer (Bonus if owner is in photo, with matching attire). Peters wrote: Got lucky enough to find the owner wearing a blue sweatshirt while packing up her blue street rod.

5. A toy, model or miniature street rod (Bonus if it is beside/inside a real street rod).

We got some great entries for this “toy” category.

6. A make of car that is no longer made, such as a Studebaker or Oldsmobile. (Bonus if it is a Hudson). Peters wrote: 1947 Studebaker.

7. Custom stickshift knob (Bonus if the knob has an animal theme). Peters wrote: Wolf Shifter.

Wolf shifter knobs seem to be all the rage with the street rodders, as a majority of our entries featured them in this category.

8. A Chevy engine in a Ford car (Bonus for vice versa). Peters wrote: 1946 Ford Coupe with a 454 chevy engine. Can clearly see the ford emblem on the front in the chrome, and the distributer on the rear of the engine, showing it's a chevy engine. Owner is in my car club.

No one found a Ford engine in a Chevy, but almost everyone found their Chevy engine in a Ford.

9. A whitewall tire (Bonus if it is on a chrome wheel). Peters wrote: White Wall tire on a chrome WHEEL, not a chrome hubcap like some others' pictures.

Whitewalls and chrome wheels seemed to be one of the easiest finds.

10. A T-Bucket street rod (Bonus if someone is sitting in it). Peters wrote: The owner was cleaning and nice enough to sit in it for us to take the picture.

There were plenty of T-buckets, and plenty of folks sitting in them.

Congratulations again to Lance, and thank you to all of our contestants, including Michele Kern, Susie Lewis, Emma Grace Paul, Joyce Krauss, Ariel Chambers, Sam Garncarz and Charles Dugan.

To see all of the scavenger hunt submissions,click here.

And to read more about why we did this contest, check out this post on the YDR Insider blog.

We hope you all had fun. Keep an eye out for a similar contest when the rods roll back into town next year.

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