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Crazy, creative or stupid?
11-year-old Lindsey Ulerick of Springettsbury Township makes it to the top of the climbing wall at the Saturday in the Park event at Springettsbury Park

Post by Jason Plotkin I get made fun of because I like to climb to get photos. On rooftops, up ladders or as in the photo below, up a climbing wall. I’m a big fan of perspective. I think it’s a photographer’s job to show readers and viewers angles they wouldn’t normally see. I think […]

New Oxford Marching Band’s revised halftime show
New Oxford Marching Band’s revised halftime show

I love covering marching bands. The school pride, the teamwork and coordination, the precision, the spectacle — that’s what marching bands are, to me. And my prep high school didn’t have one (lacrosse was our big sport, not football), so I guess marching bands are also a bit of a novelty to me still. A […]

Internet Cat Videos Film Festival
Internet Cat Videos Film Festival

Knowing the people I hang out with, I’m shocked I hadn’t heard about the Internet Cat Film Festival sooner. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this New York Times video I wished I lived closer to Minneapolis. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis hosted the festival August 30 to 10,000 attendees. Yes, seriously. 10,000 people spread […]

Baseball greats Andy Etchebarren, Brooks Robinson share defining moments
Baseball greats Andy Etchebarren, Brooks Robinson share defining moments

(DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS – PAUL KUEHNEL) VIDEO Two young men share a World Series, decades later they stand again together in retirement. It’s the good stuff we all hope to find in lifelong friendships and always a privilege to witness among public figures.

Split second baseball action: York Revolution sweeps Somerset
York Revolution's Brandon Haverman, bottom, tries to beat the ball into the glove at second base against Somerset's Yunesky Sanchez Sunday

(DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS – PAUL KUEHNEL) The final split second. Did the ball make it into the glove before the foot hit the base? A 1/1000th of a second slice of life can tell a story the human eye can’t catch. York Revolution sweeps Somerset, clinches Atlantic League playoff spot

Red Lion's Ali Posey, left, hits South Western's Sydney Szparaga in the face with her stick as she follows through with her shot on goal in the second half of their field hockey game at Red Lion Thursday September 13, 2012. Red Lion won the game 5-2. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- EILEEN JOYCE

In photography it’s often said that if you see it happen, you didn’t get the photo. With SLR cameras the mirror flips in the way when you take a shot, momentarily obstructing your view. So if your have clear view of something through the camera, you weren’t getting a picture of it. So I guess […]

York Fair: Midway Lights
The midway lights up as the sun goes down at the York Fair Wednesday, September 12, 2012. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

The York Fair midway at night is a barrage of lights, and chaos. I actually love how the midway looks all lit up but sometimes have a hard time translating what I feel all around me into a photo. Last night, I think I got close.  

I’m not a terrorist…I’m a photojournalist
I'm no threat people. Unless you don't want your photo taken.

Post by Jason Plotkin Not long ago I was sent to a school for a photo assignment. As I waited in line behind a parent at the outside doors to be buzzed in, he held the door for me to go in first. As a parent of a school grade child, I know that his […]

York Fair: Finding a quiet moment
Moira Santos, 5, of West Manchester Township, studies newborn chicks at the York Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012.  DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

Every year, the York Fair offers thousands — possibly millions — of really cool visual moments. The problem is that with so many of them happening so quickly all around you, it can be hard to focus on those individual trees in the vast forest of sights, sounds and smells. But Daily Record/Sunday News photographer […]

It’s not the tools (like Instagram), it’s the journalist
It’s not the tools (like Instagram), it’s the journalist

Post by Jason Plotkin I have to admit, I thought Twitter was a poor tool for a journalist. Limited space and a lack of multiple sources made me hesitate to jump on board the Twittersphere. I thought it was lazy journalism, used by people who couldn’t wait to be first with information and didn’t care […]

Cards to comfort a wounded soldier
Cards to comfort a wounded soldier

  I remember a lot about third grade. Well, some, anyway. That was the year little Peter Frampton (yes, his name was actually Peter Frampton), who was short and had moved from Scotland and still had a cute accent, kept calling me every night asking what the homework assignment was. I, being oblivious and harboring […]

Homework on Labor Day
Wesley Hagarman, a student at New Oxford Middle School, works on his social studies homework in the bed o his father's 1966 Chevy truck waiting for the parade to start. The truck, representing the IBEW Local 229, was part of the York-Adams Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Labor Day Parade in York Sept 3, 2012.

Daily Record/Sunday News – Paul Kuehnel) In the back of his father’s old-school 1966 Chevrolet Pickup, Wesley Hagarman works on his social studies homework. A constant theme at Labor Day Parades is that older union members hope future generations will see the importance of organized labor. I liked the contrast of a child learning for tomorrow in the bed of a 45 year old truck built in Baltimore.

Political prayer: Joe Biden speaks at West York High School
Vice President Joe Biden at West York Area High School in West Manchester Township September 2, 2012

(Daily Record/Sunday News – Paul Kuehnel) Covering presidential gatherings often mean a limited shooting range for local news media photographers and pictures at a podium often lack context. I was happy for a side shot with the context of time and a “prayerful” moment during a difficult election.

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